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  1. There was nothing about feeling vibration at idle. Shake at high speed (above 60+). The earlier problem was a "rear access open" when driving or hit any hard bumps. It got worse and worse. I have driven it over some ruff roads after putting the sway bar back to its original position and no "rear access open" since.
  2. Sometimes it was happening while I was just sitting at a stop sign. Maybe when the sway bar was in the wrong position it was hitting something?
  3. Well I'm probably going to be the laughingstock of this forum here. Besides the BCM issue that I thought I was having, I needed to replace my sway bar stabilizers. One was missing and the other one was broke from the bottom a arm. So did what I had to do to get my sway bar back in its original position and put on two brand-new stabilizers. And what would you know, no more electrical problem or "rear access open" issue. My mind is blown!
  4. Thanks for this info. I do appreciate it.
  5. Some of the research I have done has stated that a bad BCM could lead to high speed shaking. The tires are balanced and all. So if it isn't the BCM then I have another issue. The clock doesn't reset, it will be stuck at a certain time and then jump to the correct time. The switch in the back seems fine. The only other thing I need to try (again and the right way) is disconnecting the cables to the battery and trying a hard rest.
  6. I will take your and @davester advice and get a Tech-2 (and a powerscan as well). I'll check the grounds again (as I believe I checked them all) and will feel really stupid if it comes down to a loose ground.
  7. I have not. With there being more issues that are BCM related, makes me believe that it's the BCM.
  8. Hello everyone, new to the site. I have an issue where I keep on getting rear access open and I believe that I have faulty BCM. there are other telltale signs like shaking at high speeds and the clock on my radio not keeping time. The question is, can I get a used BCM and have my '10 Denali relearn it or do I need to have my BCM reprogrammed? Thanks for any info!
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