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  1. Replaced my chrome mirror caps with the black ones from GM. Love the way they look.
  2. Has anyone swapped out the interior door wood trim? I was looking on chevy accessories page and came across these... I think they would look good and match the whole black truck theme. My rear doors do not have the wood trim at all so I think it would be a nice upgrade.
  3. Mine doesn't work if slightly pointed downhill...
  4. Finally able to give her a bath and got the window tint put on.
  5. Is that black grill flat, gloss or is it painted just like the black Silverados?
  6. Yup here's a side pic of the truck.
  7. Nice looking truck! I think I want to add the fogs next.
  8. New models have Chevrolet stamped into the tailgate.
  9. Nope just pull the gold one off. No need to remove the grill. If you have some trim removal tools or in my case I used a plastic squeegee thing for tint or vinyl and work it from the top corner comes off pretty easily. New one pops right in.
  10. New member, first post. Picked up my new '20 Silverado this past Saturday. I know its probably been discussed but did my first mod today. Swapped the gold bowtie for the OEM black one. Small mod but makes a huge difference!
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