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  1. I have an 06 LBZ diesel and for the past three years it has been showing an error code for the Vane Plate solenoid and sensor. I am also starting to experience a drop in fuel mileage, especially when towing my fifth wheel! Considering the price of the solenoid and sensor, mechanics have told me to replace the turbo w/ the sensor and solenoid, as the plates tend to rust and carbon up causing them to stick. I agree with that, but in looking for turbos, I see new ones and also rebuilt ones. Anyone have experience using a rebuilt? Thanks, Bill
  2. I have had the intermediate shaft serviced twice before by the dealer where I bought the truck. They admitted to me it is a poor design, but GM has failed to change it. The GM tech bulletin they used for the repair was said to, "grease the shaft!" I've been told it is a very hard and heavy grease and will stop the clunking, but the clunking will return in a few months! Now I have not only the clunk, but a very annoying rattle. Yes, I also think the plastic bearing can wear out. I am thinking about buying both a new bearing and a shaft. Like you, I am not young any more and crawling around under the dash is not as easy as it used to be. I also watched a You Tube video where the guy replaced the bearing. He said it took him an hour and a half, as the old one was hard to get out of the shaft tube. It might actually be easier to take the whole steering shaft out of the dash and rebuild it on a bench. Oh yeah, he did say you have to be careful about some small spring that can either brake, or come loose if you work on the shaft in the truck. He secured the wheel with a ratchet strap so it would not turn, or move while he was working on it! Bill
  3. I have a 2006 GMC 3500 and the steering column is making continuous rattling noise. I have had the intermediate shaft serviced twice over the years and I do feel and hear the clunk which was present before. Now along with the clunk, there is a rattle, as though there is another shaft of some kind loose. Anyone else had this and will replacing the intermediate shaft take the rattle out? Bill
  4. Hello, I am experiencing two issues with my 06, 3500 dually/ Duramax. First, two nights ago, while sitting in a driveway with the ignition off and the keys out of the switch, my attention was drawn to the high beam indicator on the dash. It was flickering on and off, sometimes dim and sometimes bright. Any ideas of what might cause this? Second, for a while now when coming almost to a stop, either going forward, or in reverse, I get a feeling in the brake pedal like the front pads are releasing and chattering on the rotors! It goes away if I push down harder on the brake pedal. Is this an indication the seals in the Hydraboost are wearing out? Thanks for your help, Bill
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