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  1. Appreciate your opinion, do you know what the additional components of the NHT are for the 09 Silverado?
  2. Gents, I understand towing, and I understand payload is the 1st door to unlock. I know this, I am just confused. I know alot of people may have posted what they think, but I have a couple simple questions. I have used the GM decoder on the chevrolet forum and it shows my truck with a max trailering weight of 10400. I have contacted GM and the dealer. But i can not get a actual answer. RPO codes show HD trans cooler, exterior engine cooler, 46MM mono tube shocks, 36MM stabilizing bar, Z85 and Z82 packages and JL4 harness connector. 1st question - What was included in the 2009 Chevrolet Silverado Max Trailering Package? 2nd question - Did some trucks with all the components of the MTP not get a RPO code of NHT? 3rd question - Being I have all the components does this mean technically my tow weight is 10.4K, but legally it is much lower?
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