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  1. Game plan for fix. Replaced battery. Believe On Star not shutting off correctly. ?Dead cell in the battery. We'll try this....
  2. 2018 Chevy suburban Premier just over 30,000 miles battery keeps dying. Jan 3rd message showed up "service trailer brake system". Confused as I don't tow anything. Took it to dealership and first they couldn't find anything. Drove it home wouldn't restart. DEAD. Took it back to dealership informed me not to keep fob inside. That must be problem. (I've had this suburban just over a year and this just now is the problem?) Drove it home and tried to restart. DEAD! Took it back to dealership and tells me its something electrical but can't figure it out! Jan 22nd vehicle still at dealership. ANYONE have same issue? What is the fix? I'll soon be out of the 36,000 mile warranty.
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