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    2001 Chev 2500 HD 6.0
  1. It seems to idle and run extremely smoothly. There's no odd behavior other than the torque converter and throwing up the code. It doesn't seem to have a lack of power. Thanks
  2. I just changed the plugs and wires. The code I am getting is P0300. The old plugs were almost exactly the same color. Thanks
  3. I have not cleaned the MAF. The scanner I have is not fantastic. What is being read by the scanner. Is the guage to monitor the fuel rail pressure? My truck has about 270000 kms on it. Is it possible that the injectors need to be replaced? Thanks
  4. I have essentially the same problem, with misfire code. My truck stays in OD above 60, but the torque converter will lock below 60, but will unlock above 60 regardless of the load. What is an injector balance, and what is techron? My truck is 2001 2500HD, 6.0. Thanks
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