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  1. I am really trying to talk myself out of the $10K add for the Duramax but I know I will regret going back to a gas engine. I appreciate everyone's input.
  2. New member looking at purchasing a new HD. I am interested in thoughts and experiences with towing in the 2500 vs 3500 and short bed vs long bed with a gas engine. I have a 38’ bumper pull travel trailer that weighs about 12K fully loaded with gear. I haul it about 20 weekends a year for varying distances. I have pulled it with several different trucks including f250 diesel and the same truck with a gas engine. I think the gas engines in any modern 3/4 or 1 ton truck has plenty of HP for the job. The issues I have had with the gas trucks is they tend to move around on the road more which is not a good feeling with that much weight behind you. I think the diesel feels more stable due to the extra weight of the engine up front. I am trying to decide if a 3500 with a gas motor would feel more stable and how much difference a long bed would make. Any thoughts or real world experience with this subject?
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