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  1. 1999 Silverado 5.3 auto transfer case 130xxx miles Let me start out by laying out the sequence of events that has transpired. I have read tons of forums. Bought said vehicle tested all 4x4 settings everything works perfectly. Drove 500 miles with no issue Driving home from work (50 mile commute). It is raining, I pull up to the last stop sign before I get home. No one is one the highway so I decide i am going burn some rubber, and I did. Next day I get up and still raining and warming up the vehicle. I notice no lights on my selector switch. I drive to town and feel the transfer kicking into 4hi. 1 I buy a selector switch. Plug it in in the parking lot of Autozone. It works until I get on the highway. Not a mile down the road and no lights on selector and service 4x4 light kicked on. 2 I clean the ground. No change 3 Alot of reading online and trying to figure it out. I buy a TCCM from partsgeek i believe. No change. 4 More reading and feeling sick about my vehicle purchase. I purchase a Transfer Case shifter motor , Dorman, from Autozone. When pulling old motor off I had to pry it off, seemed to have to transfer case in a position past the 4Hi position. I had to manually shift transfer case to Neutral to put new motor on. Feeling confident i put the front driveshaft and sewed everything up. Nothing changed. No lights on my indicator. I had to take driveshaft and motor back off to get it in gear. 5 I bring to my ace mechanic that knows all things. He finds an issue with a wire that had been crushed fixes it. He trades the new shift motor i have for another new one. He cannot get the transfer case out of 4Hi. He determines there is some internal issue with the transfer and gets me prices with him replacing the transfer. I tell him I will replace it myself. 6 Replace transfer case with remanufacture from thegearshop. Moving the shift motor over and I had to make a thin wrench to get the transfer in the position this shift motor is stuck in (past 4Hi, all the way counter clockwise I think). Everything is sewed up. While on the lift I try it out. - Trying to shift to 2wd, the shift motor makes noise and blinks but will not shift goes back to 4HI. - 4Lo makes noise but shifts back to 4HI. - It wont even try neutral. When you shift to Auto 4x4 it blacks the indicator lights out. To add onto this I had both transfer cases on the table shifting them and couldn't find the 2Hi position. I decide there isn't one that the front end must kick out? 7 I trade in the new shift motor once again hearing a rumor these Dorman's are junk. Removing the shift motor it is in that same position past 4Hi( I think) where i had to pry it off. Now it will shift from 4Hi to Auto 4x4. And that is all it will do. I am at a loss and need some help and guidance. Thank you. PS I left a good patch with that burnout but it wasn't worth it.
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