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  1. Yes it is flex fuel. But I never used anything but good quality gas. No engine codes either. Idling is fine, starting is fine. I have hand held scanner but nothing shows up. Tx
  2. Hello there. I have 2010 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE 4x4 4.8 liter engine, with 135000 miles on it. There is very heavy brownish deposit on new spark plugs even after 10.000 miles. It had previously GMC spark plugs which also have had heavy brownish deposit. Bought used with 122500 miles on it. Today after driving on hwy. for 45 miles, i parked it for 2 hours. I started engine and huge stinky black smoke started coming out of tail pipe. It doesn't burn oil, but I am getting 12-14 miles per gallon which really hurt. Took to mechanic last year to check fuel ratio and that went fine. Any help would greatly appreciated.
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