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  1. Last week I was casually looking for a vehicle to use for towing and next think I know, BAM, I've got a '99 7.4L 2500 4x4 Suburban in my driveway. Now I'm obsessed and have a strong desire to freshen the whole thing up. I really like this body style with the hard edges and the four headlights. The previous owner put 17" tire with aftermarket mags on it, while I"m not usually a fan of that route, I admit it's pretty sweet on this truck. The body is rust free and perfectly straight. it's got 117k on the engine, and has some standard interior issues. I had the car two days but already set to work on some of them. I fixed the window that wouldn't roll down, the broken door actuators and handles. Today Just got a rebuilt hydroboost unit to fix the poor braking. I see a little bit of valve cover seepage, same with the rear diff. That's next. I'll thrown some engine treatment sauce in it for a little placebo effect, check/replace with quality fluids and get her on the road. Later, if she treats me good, I may just paint her, throw some accessories on, like a beefier roof rack and lights (for backcountry trips). I've owned and repaired my oldsmobiles for decades, but this is the first Chevy truck for me. I'm looking for tips or insight for making the most of this vehicle. The big Vortecs look like they're willing to go the distances if you treat them right, so lay it on me.
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