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  1. Here comes another gas vs diesel question. I’ve had a diesel for the past 16 years. Lifted it from day 1 and ran 35’s and 37’s on it. Love the fact that I felt I lost almost no power after lift and tires. Time now to move on from it. Was considering a 2017-18 2500 duramax. Honestly, I rarely pull anything anymore, I just use the truck for loading tools and hauling occasional pallets of hardwood flooring etc. After lots of research I’m not sure I want to deal with the new emissions junk, def, sensors yadda yadda. Then I thought, maybe a 1500 with the 6.2 but you basically have to get a high country or ltz and it gets hard to find a crew cab in a standard bed length so..it takes me back to 2500 but possibly the gasser 6.0. All that said, has anyone had a lifted 6.0? If so, how was power loss after bigger tires, mpg etc? Thank you in advance.
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