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  1. Does your truck have an external cooler? Back when I had my 2013 Denali, that also had the 6-speed, I put a TRU-Cool 40k cooler in place of the stock external cooler and my trans temps were usually in the 150-160 range during south Texas summer heat. Would go up to 180s when I was laying into it. The stock cooler was normally 180s with easy driving. Did the same mod to my 2008 Sierra that had 4l60/2800 stall and saw similar results. Both trucks had power adders too. There's a lengthy discussion about it here. https://www.performancetrucks.net/forums/gm-drivetrain-suspension-22/tru-cool-40k-gvw-transmission-cooler-install-thread-470284/page32/
  2. Ive never had any, just the burning smell when it was new.
  3. https://www.gm-navigation.com/shop/video-and-navigation-portal/ https://www.gm-navigation.com/shop/video-input-module-2/
  4. This is a good point, @[email protected] are you actually smelling exhaust or just a burning smell? I assumed you were referring to the burning smell that some people refer to as exhaust when these trucks are new.
  5. Mine sat like yours stock and after the 2" drop shackles, was just not enough for me but I live with it. You might need to take yours to a driveline shop and have them check the pinion angle or try a 3 or 4* shim instead if the transmission mount doesn't change things for the better.
  6. Exhaust smell will continue for a while till you put more miles on it. This is common for the 3.0L. Mine smelled bad at first and I thought the same. after around 5-6k miles the smell was pretty much gone, or I just didn't notice it anymore but it's definitely gone now at 21k miles. Can't speak on the diesel smell, maybe someone spilled fuel at some point during assembly or before you took delivery. Hopefully the flappers in the fuel neck are closing properly after refueling.
  7. Looks good. Are you having any issues with your setup? Is the rear a flip kit as well? When I was looking I was only able to find 2" shackle and 5" flip rear drops and I wanted something in between. I settled for 2" shackles and 1" lift in front to level mine out. Now your pic has got me "thinking" again. Did you take measurements before and after?
  8. I've been running one for about 1500 miles with about 85% of those are highway cruising. It does make a noticeable increase in power but I haven't dynoed or timed it so how much I can't say. Playing with it Durning normal cruise I can't really tell a difference when changing to different settings. The mpg economy screen in the dash is reporting about 2 mpgs better than before I had it installed, so it is doing something, but I haven't hand calculated the mileage to verify that either(not really concerned with mileage). As a side note, I've been using sport mode more often since install, but even leaving the transmission in normal mode you can feel it has more power down low. I have yet to try manually shifting and just let the transmission do its thing in either mode. I did log some via HPtuners and I can't really see a noticeable increase in egt but I'm no pro especially when it comes to diesel. Over all it will hold me over until real tuning is available and im satisfied with it. Might jump over to the Banks Derringer once it's available if HPtuners still hasnt cracked the ecm by then, and sell this since the Derringer is supposed to keep the extra power longer. Check out the comparison video Banks does on the Derringer vs the other guys on the L5P if you haven't watched it already. I suspect that similar things are happening with the LM2.
  9. Ive used the Mobil esp stuff, ordered from summit, but the dmax store link above is hard to beat. Used them this last oil change
  10. As you drive, your tire heats up from the road contact/friction, which over time will heat up the air inside the tire causing an increase in pressure. Some tires will more than others but it's normal to see this.
  11. Lew does good stuff! I've had him do a couple tunes for me back in the day on a 08' Sierra 5.3L with bolt ons/nitrous and on a 13' Denali with bolt ons. Back when he did my tunes, he was limited on what he could do compared to what HPtuners could at the time, but non the less his tunes made a great improvement for drivability and performance over stock tunes. He's a member on the www.performancetrucks.net forum and others there can vouch for him too.
  12. Interesting! Hadn't seen this one on the radar. Looked it up and they claim +45hp, no torque claims, but a 1-3mpg improvement with a decent price point. I was a little disappointed in the power gain until I looked at what the Banks Derringer adds. On the 3.0 ecodiesel it shows gains of only 40hp/63lb-ft. And on the 20-21 L5P gains of 81hp/144 lb-ft. Idk why but I was thinking the l5p was gaining closer to 100hp and was hoping the LM2 would see gains closer to 60-70hp. Guess it makes since cuz the 3.0 is just under half the size so gains of about half of what the bigger engines get. Maybe with real custom tuning(hp tuners/efi live...) we could see those higher gains but that's not an option that I know of yet. But for those trying to maintain warranty, custom tuning won't be an option any how. Sucks since I have hp tuners, but haven't messed with tuning a diesel before.
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