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  1. For what its worth, My old truck(2013 Denali) had 22" factory wheels and I stuffed 305/45/22 on them and I almost always used the drive through car washes without issue.
  2. I reached out to Custom offsets and 3/8 is the max you should go according to them when it comes to a "slip on spacer". Only thing I would add is extended thread lug nuts to get more bite/thread engagement. The spacers have a lip on them just like the stock hub so the wheels sits exactly like stock extecpt pushes outward. Hub centric. Now if these specific wheels need more space than what 3/8" gives, then O.P . would need a thicker spacer that has lugs built into them and would need to trim the stock lugs(depending on thickness of the spacer) or get different wheels all together. Might be easier to sell the old and get new ones.
  3. You could try 1/4" - 3/8" thick spacers to push the wheel away if your dead set on using the wheels you have.
  4. Just get some shims if it does. I have some ready to go when I finally install my shackles in case I get some vibs. I've seen some guys rotate the factory ones 180* if they have them. You might have to play the the degrees of the shim to get the angle right. I'm gona start with 2* should I need them and go from there.
  5. I have them on all 4 doors of my 2020 elevation which is essentially the GMC version of the RST. Silly GM and their packaging layouts.
  6. I wonder if using the HD trucks part that stillen got the idea from is a cheaper option or if it would even fit. Nevermind, the opening is on the opposite side. Smh one of those days I guess
  7. S&B is working on an intake, nothing for bolt on exhaust either so going custom is the only way but I would wait on that. I did a 4" filter back system and it hardly made a difference sound wise. Not worth the time/money in my opinion
  8. Nice work! Kinda like the Airaid MIT but cheaper!
  9. If you don't Wana mess with wrapping the fog light housing, the ones on the elevation trucks are solid black. But it may be more cost effective to wrap yours. Edit..nevermind.. after looking at your pics and comparing to my truck, looks like you have some extra trim around the housing that I don't have.
  10. Sharp looking truck! Thread digging, but did you happen to take any pics of the inside of those wheels? Also what style lug nuts did you use with those wheels, conical, flat...? I just picked up a set of those cs6.0 in a 22x9.5 with the +35mm offset. Kinda kicking myself for not going with the +18mm offset but got a screaming deal on the +35mm offset
  11. 1500 series trucks are 10L80 when it comes to 10speeds. I have the 3.0/10L80 and verified by the RPO codes as to what I have.
  12. Hptuners can tune the T1s 5.3/6.2 engines but it's pricey and no trans tunning yet
  13. It had the resonators/fins or whatever they are in the back part where the pipe comes back down over the axle on the stock pipe. And you're right the diesels don't have a muffler from the factory and are still too quiet for me
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