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  1. Google resulted this. https://www.sharptruck.com/truck-hardware-fc001k Interesting as now I'm thinking of doing the same
  2. Can you post a few pics of them installed please? Thanks
  3. Simply for looks. Factory puts a rake on the trucks to counter the rear squat while towing/hauling heavy items.
  4. Just tried the LEGENDS code, didn't work on the GMC accessories website. Also tried it on gmpartsdirect and no go
  5. EBC, maybe the truck yellow stuff pads.
  6. Pot holes! I hit one not to long ago and threw my alignment off just enough that I had have it re-aligned as well. Happened about 10000 miles. First for me since my previous trucks took potholes like a champ and only needed to be re-aligned after suspension mods.
  7. Check this out, it's a neat little tool that will help you out and let's you play with different offsets. It doesn't let you input wheel widths but does let you change tire sizes and compare 2 different combos and shows how they are different https://tiresize.com/wheel-offset-calculator/
  8. I had plenty of people mistake mine for actual performance brakes. They weren't some Joe shmo either, they had modded performance vehicles of there own. I would always laugh and tell them they were just covers when asked about them. I did have power stop slotted rotors and upgraded pads tho. The covers were red with "Denali" on them. And no they didn't keep the brakes from cooling down enough to matter, they are made from thin, sturdy metal and only cover the outer part of the caliper and a small amount on top, not the entire caliper. I wasn't running hot laps on an auto cross track, strictly a daily driver. Are they a bit tacky? Some will argue they are (obviously ^), but that's all personal preference. This time around, I'll probably paint the stockers if even that cuz the covers are kinda pricey for what they are.
  9. I had some on my last truck and they held up well. I had them on for about 2 years with no issues
  10. There's quite a few members on here with spacers on their stock wheel setups
  11. I believe ready lift makes a set just for this purpose on the rear of trucks with lifts. Slip on style spacers, if I remember right they were 1/2" thickness and I think I remember seeing something about replacing wheel studs with longer ones. I didn't dig too hard on that since I wasn't needing to go out that far from the hub. But I think gorilla makes some stock style lugs that have extended threads that you could use with a slip on spacer depending on how thick of a spacer you use. On the Bora spacers, they can make just about anything you need if you call them. Typically the spacer will have the same size lip as the factory hub to keep the stock wheel setup hub centric and not lug centric. If you're going an inch out with spacers, you will need to replace the stock wheel studs with longer ones if they make them that long or using spacers with stud/lugs of their own and having to cut down the stock ones so the wheel sits flush against the spacer in the same manner as stock setup. Depending on stock wheels, you can use 1.5" if they have pockets on the back side of the wheel, or if not 1.75" spacers if you don't want to cut the stock wheel studs down at all. Hopefully this makes sense and helps you out, it's still early and my brain is still trying to get going lol
  12. Here you can see the lug that's extended towards the hub that goes into the wheel
  13. As requested. You can see the extended thread lugs take up what's lost from using the spacer. The extended thread goes into the lug wheel pocket so you don't loose any thread engagement.
  14. This is incorrect. I personally have some 10mm spacers from BORA and they have the lip for the wheel to sit on. Also you can buy extended thread lugs that will allow you to use the stock wheel studs.
  15. I got mine Feb 27th and I'm at 10700 already. Best thing I like, the fuel mileage, the least thing, The lack of power on the top end or the ability to do any mods. That's a little unfair tho as I came from a procharged, headers back exhaust, fully tuned 6.2 with about 10psi of boost.
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