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  1. Have you looked into RAS? A few members here have experience with them. I'd probably go with that setup if I did any significant amount of towing.
  2. I installed those dash speakers last September. Nice improvement in clarity/sound over stock. Wish I would have known about this combo, I would have done the doors too.
  3. https://www.crutchfield.com/p_120XGM31/Axxess-AXDSPX-GM31.html?tp=76871 Plug and play for IOR systems. Use an app to adjust settings. This is on my list
  4. I'm running 2" beltech drop shackles with beltech street and performance shocks for a k2 truck(0-2" drop) and my rear end doesn't bounce around and isn't overly stiff. I have occasionally hit the stock bump stop on really hard dip/bumps in the road but otherwise rides much better in the rear than stock setup. I still need to get rid of the stock struts up front.
  5. Watch out for stud contact on the back of the wheel. You might have to do some stud trimming with 1.25" spacers. But take pics and let us know how it goes either way!
  6. On a 2wd it's not as critical since there is no front axle shaft that could potentially hit/rub on a bottom mount if you go with 2"+ lift blocks. You could go with either or both depending on how high you go. More than 3" I believe (someone who's done it correct me if I'm wrong) you will want to consider getting new upper control arms. Bottom mounts are a little easier to install since you don't have to remove the struts. You should still get the alignment checked regardless of which type of level you use as well.
  7. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/220139-active-aero-grill-shutters /?tab=comments#comment-2217157 Seems some gassers also have them. There's at least one guy with a 6.2 with the grill shutters in that thread
  8. Diesel has the same air path up to the air box.
  9. Anyone who installs an intake that replaces the stock intake tube should feel a nice bump in throttle response and mid range power. Couldn't tell if anything was gained on the top end. That is the biggest restriction in my opinion. I noticed an immediate improvement when I replaced the stock tube with larger diameter tubing and a smoother track. It's not drastict but enough to definitely notice before and after and I used the same stock air filter before and after with no other changes at that time. I would only assume that with the huge filters that come with the s&b that would help even more. But like others have said it needs to be dynoed to see just how much it's helping at WOT.
  10. It is not. Says right on the website.
  11. That's a good point. Maybe I should have added that the stock knobs don't bother me enough order some at this price point. I just did a quick Google search and some sites are selling these for as much as $300! Definitely go straight to the source if y'all do get some. Oh and keep the pics coming!
  12. They do look good, but not $150 worth of good for me. I'll keep looking forward for more of y'all's pics tho. Funny thing, I never even noticed the headlight knob was a slightly different silver until this thread.
  13. 6+ weeks, Wow they must be really backed up! That sucks cuz they make some good stuff. Just checked their site and this pops up on the main page.
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