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  1. Sure, shoot me an offer. It's still all boxed up in my garage I have a for sale thread somewhere on here that has the pics of it all
  2. $699 for the unlocked ecm and 8 credits to get tuned directly from HPtuners. At least that's how I read it, but it does seem a little confusing if the 8 credits are actually included or not in that price. I have not reached out to them yet to confirm. You will either have to tune yourself if you know how, or take it to someone at that point. Much better price point then what it used to be
  3. The drivetrain is covered to 100k miles on the Duramax's
  4. There are still no real tuning solutions for these engines and since this is the case, no way to do a def delete yet. You've got a long way to go before your warranty is up!
  5. Found some info for this over on the HPtuners forum in case anyone else might need this. E90 ecm vats relearn
  6. Question for those that have gone the HPTuners route for tuning, when you put the modified ECM back into the truck, did y'all have to go to a dealer for the Vehicle anti theft system relean or is there a way to do this without a dealer trip? Maybe a tool/scanner that can talk to the vats module? Thanks in advance.
  7. What's the width of the stock 275/50/22 tires? Like 11", 11.5" maybe? Then compare it to 12" wide 305s, take half the difference between the two ( that added to each side of the stock tire) and see if you have that much room available on the inside if you were to go with the wider tire. Basically turn your current wheels lock to lock and see if how much clearance you have on the inside near the upper control arms. This will give you a better idea if you have enough room. I can tell you with my setup I have no rubbing at all, but again I'm on 9.5" wide wheels with a +26 offset. One thing to keep in mind, not all 305/45/22 are the same( some are wider than others, some run narrower than others), So be sure to check the specs on what ever tire you decide to run if you do change sizes.
  8. 305/45/22 will fit on 22x9" wheels, Ive been there, done that. Now if they will fit and not rub on the upper control arms on stock wheels on T1 trucks, I cannot say if it will work of not. I currently run that size tire on my 22x9.5" aftermarket wheels with a +26 offset
  9. Bump, still for sale. Im not as active on here latley but I still check in every few days
  10. Not for the 4.3 https://www.hptuners.com/vehicles/
  11. That won't do much if any for sound or power. Just some nice looking exhaust tips for those that have or want split exit rear exhaust. I went to 4" exhaust after the cat and dumped it after the axle with a 6" tip. That bearly made any difference in sound(mostly while in Regen) and no noticable feel in power increase. Until there is some real tuning solutions which might never come thanks to the EPA, you can forget about exhaust mods (deletes) that will make any real power gains. You're going to be limited to a couple different intakes and a couple different fuel pressure modules.
  12. I was going to and got all the stuff to do it, but ended up going back to the 6.2l before getting around to it. During my time with the 3.0L I found traces of oil in the charge pipe/resonator after the turbo. The pcv system goes from the valve cover to the turbo itself.
  13. Intakes and inline fuel pressure modules is about all you're gona find. There's other threads on here that discuss these. And both of those will give you a bump in power and throttle response. Exhaust won't make any difference since its straight pipe after the cat.
  14. What model/trim do you have? I ask because I went with lasfit on my 2020 elevation and I replaced the license plate and reverse lights with no issue, but when I did the front and rear blinkers, I had hyper flash even though the lights were advertised as being hyper flash free. Wasn't the case and I had to figure out a solution. (WAMS to the rescue there) Then I traded into a 2021 RST and used the same lights on this truck, minus the rear blinker bulbs and had no hyper flash from the bulbs. The stock rear blinkers are LED already on the RST. Just something to be aware of.
  15. Selling my Ag Diesel solutions module #21800 for 2020-2021 GM trucks with the LM2 3.0L Duramax Diesel. I'll let it go for $325.00 shipped. Located in Corpus Christi, Texas. It Worked as advertised but not sure if the claims are what they have posted. Definitely felt a bump in power after driving with it for a while and then going back to stock setting. Purchased new in Dec. 2020 and removed in may of 2021. Only selling cuz I went back to the 6.2L engine and have no use for this. It's back in the original box.
  16. Up for Sale are the speakers/mounting brackets/plug and play speaker connectors and LLJ Customs plug and play amp add on harness. This was on my 2020 GMC Sierra Elevation with the IOR stereo. With this setup, the mids and bass were much tighter and more responsive. The highs were more clear and could handle it at higher volumes and with my 10" sub (not for sale) made this a much better system than factory while still being reasonable on cost. I'd dare to say this setup has better mids/bass response over the Bose system in the T1 trucks. The door speakers were only on the truck for a month before I pulled them out, the dash speakers were installed in Sept 20'. 6x9 Rockford Fosgate Prime Series R169x2-front doors 6.5" Rockford Fosgate Prime Series (R165x3)-rear doors 2 3/4" Kenwood Excelon Speakers (KFC-X2C)- dash speakers (these do not have the plug to connect to the stock wiring. What I did was push the wire into the factory connector and taped it up very tightly.) LLJ Customs plug and play amp add on harness that plugs into the stock system under/behind the glove compartment. I had LLJ add 15ft to the end of this so I wouldnt have to add any wire. It easily ran all the way to the back seat on the passenger side and across to the driver's side where my sub was. I'll let it all go as a bundle for $200 shipped, everything is boxed up and ready to ship. Located in Corpus Christi, Texas.
  17. The 2020 elevation(IOR/NON BOSE) I had, I replaced all the speakers. Doors were entry level Rockford Fosgate 6x9's upfront and 6.5s in back, Kenwood Excelon for the dash, added a ported 10" kicker under the back seat with LLJ Customs add a amp harness. Sounded sooo much better and the bass was much tighter even without the sub. Ended up pulling it all when I traded up for a 2021 RST with Bose. So now it's all boxed up in my garage. Smh
  18. That's crazy expensive for visual improvements. I made my own section that goes from the turbo to the intercooler using 2.5" pipe, felt very little difference if any in power. A little more turbo noise since it removes the stock turbo resonator. I'm glad they are finally getting more parts to market, but that's way to high of a price point in my opinion.
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