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  1. I know that I got my order in the first and only week that my dealer had an allocation for an AT4. The diesel is the standard motor in the 2022 limited. I think I just got lucky. My dealer sent me a screenshot that said "Bayed Ready" Transportation is a huge issue too, so I am not looking to see it for a few weeks even though I am 30 miles from my truck sitting at the plant.
  2. My 2022 Limited AT4 with the 3.0 Diesel was built today, started after midnight. I am about 30 minutes from the factory and know a few supervisors.....one told me that I was the 239th 2022 produced. He was hoping to get pics but was unable as the truck was done and Bayed by the time he got to work. Anyway, it will likely sit in that spot for another month before it is delivered but at least I was able to sneak in the order for the Diesel.
  3. Yes, the dealership will have all the info on the 2022 Limited. I ordered mine on 08/19/21 and as is scheduled to be built this week. If you are waiting on the 2022 refreshed model, reports are they will be taking orders after the first of the year with delivery late spring, 2022.
  4. You can order a 2022 Limited which is a carryover truck (same as a 2021) until the refreshed 2022's come out.
  5. I ordered an AT4 on 08/19/2021 with my dealer that received an allocation and will be a 2022 Limited. I was concerned so I reached out to him and he said that my production week has been slotted as 10/11/2021. I am not holding my breath on this one given the news but the fact that it is scheduled at least is a glimmer of hope.
  6. Ordered a 2022 AT4 on 08/19/21 and the order was accepted at GM as my dealer had an allocation for (1) AT4. He told me that he will be able to tell me on Thursday when the truck will be built. Not holding my breath......
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