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  1. Th SUV has a higher curb weight and limited payload capacity. Hitch and tongue weight for your requested trailer easily 1,000lbs. add passengers and cargo in the vehicle your at max GVWR and over GCWR
  2. That's BS is from BANKS he failed to prove that. He never provided results.
  3. Shocks are shot around 50K miles tops. Internal seals fail and won't leak.
  4. You can't tow max rating on any of these trucks. Each truck has a payload and tongue weight max that will prevent the max tow amount. Hitch, cargo, passengers and tongue weight are all payload weight. The truck with the AAM 9.76 will have the highest payload capacity. Always get the max trailer option with the highest payload capacity.
  5. You might be maxed out if you load you truck to max GVWR. 09' 1500 CC curb weight is around 5,500 lbs. Hitch weight will be anywhere from 800-950lbs. If your Cargo Carrying Capacity on the door sticker (@1,500lbs) can accommodate that weight plus all your passengers and truck cargo including WD hitch weight @70lbs. Scale your truck ready to camp no more than 6,000lbs to be safe since your truck GVWR is 7,000 lbs Most 1500's get over there GVWR before GCWR and never max trailer when truck is loaded with all the options and passengers. I'd say find a lighter trailer grossing no more than 6,500 lbs
  6. Look at the sticker. Your total reserve capacity is 920lbs.. A 6000lb trailer will have a tounge weight around 10% so 600Lb your quads are 800lb you do the math and your 1400lbs over your GVWR and not safe. Reserve cap is after full fuel and just 150lb.passengers in your seats
  7. Look in the glove box for reserve capacity. this will tell you what you can load in truck after passengers and fuel. Subtract all aditional weight (tounge weight, WD hitch mount weight and cargo weight). As long as you do not exceed this reserve capacity weight with your TT you will be legal. Keep in mind pulling more than 5% grades will be a issue if you go for max trailer weight. Stay around 75% of max to be safe. Your GVWR with max tow package is at least 7200lb and the newer transmissions pull better.
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