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  1. Even you turn on in settings, you still have to be in the first click position of intermittent for the rain sense to work.
  2. not uncommon at all. there is a algorithm that works out the speed and some MPH numbers are skipped because they could not be resolved at the XX.0 or XX.1 level. If it was XX.5 and above that MPH was skipped.
  3. From what I read now, the ventilated BLOWER motors are what is missing in the front seats. No chips are missing, but likely some programming is needed to update the BCM to control the blower motors once they are installed.
  4. Can someone please post the parts needed for the RetroFit? I have asked the local dealer what part do I need to buy to RetroFit my own truck. He indicated there is not an exact parts list yet. Is that true? The module box for the 2021 are the same for the 2022 I have. There is something missing and it is not chips in the module box, because I opened my 2022 and it there are no empty chip sockets. I have traced the wiring and see the BCM is involved with the actuation of the heated/cool seats. I guess is that the WHOLE BCM is going to be replaced when this RetroFit happens. There is no way GM techs are going to remove a BCM box or whatever module box, open it up, ESD safe the work area, and insert a chip to a micro socket. I am a degreed computer engineer and there is no way it is chip level. Not even mother board level. They are going to remove a box, and install a box. Please someone with inside knowledge DM me the part numbers or post them for all to understand. I will buy the hardware myself and install.
  5. I have never used anything but 87 octane in my 2020 High Country HD with the 6.6L and my new 2022 Denali with the 6.2L.Never had a single issue and I dont expect any. The reason is performance. The PCM is programmed with Low octane tables and high octane tables both. It will move to the low octane tables based on the ping ( KR ). The Low Tables are designed for 87. Yes, you will have a slight performance lost, but unless you are heavy towing or drag racing it, then the Low Octane tables will handle your drive with no issues.
  6. Hello @newdude I need to remove the HUD on my 2022 refresh package. Can you post the process on that please. TIA...
  7. That is what I was going to try on my Chevrolet High Country. Since the 2020 did not have the MultiPro option I thought I would buy a GMC tail gate. So I found one complete so it would be swap for swap. Well, GM decided to make it difficult in that they flipped the wiring on the plug 180 Degrees. So all the power is on the wrong end from a Chevrolet to a GMC. It is possible that a GMC to GMC might work, but you cannot just plug in the GMC tail gate to a Chevrolet. I was going to rewire the plug and try that, but then I found out about the 2022 redesign and I will just trade my 2020 Chevrolet for a 2022 GMC. GMC Tail Gate for sale !
  8. I have a complete multi pro tail gate for sale in Dallas TEXAS area. No dents only de-badged. Its the GMC midnight blue. $800 complete and was working when removed.
  9. Another update: Driver 1 remote has now started working. I left the battery out of it over night. Put the battery in upside down first. Took it back apart and flipped it over to the right side. Positive is down in the case BTW. Put that thing back together and the remote worked. Oh well, at least I didnt have to see the dealer, and I dont need to roll all 4 windows down with the remote. I really wish it only rolled down the front 2 and not the back 2 anyway.
  10. Mine just will not reset Driver 1 remote. That same night that Driver 1 stopped working so did Driver 2 remote. So in the morning I had to unlock the door with the backup key and the alarm went off. I had to put the remote in the cup holder area and start the truck and that did not work either now. So pushing buttons while it was in the cup holder finally stopped the alarm with Driver 2 remote. I put Driver 2 remote in the cup holder area and drove to the post office. Upon getting there Driver 2 remote started working. I thought well maybe I can try that on Driver 1 remote, but that still did not fix it. New battery in it, drive around in the cup holder area, push all the buttons, Driver 1 remote is still dead. At least Driver 2 is working right now, but I am sure not going to roll down all 4 windows with the remote for now.
  11. Darn, I wish you posted a fix to this. My 2020 2500HD is only 3 weeks old and all of 600 miles and the FOB stopped unlocking the doors today.. It started when I pressed the unlock button twice and hold to roll down all 4 windows. Then I started the truck and moved it only 50 feet, killed the engine and the message popped up "Remote Not Detected " .. I didnt think much of it, went in the house, 5 hours later when to remote lock the truck and nothing. Thought maybe the battery was dead so I replaced the 2032 battery. Nope, no lock the doors. Went to the truck and message indicated that remote not detected. Put the remote in between the cup holder and the truck will start. Kill it and it puts up the message Remote Not Detected. Gave up and lock the doors by hand and decided to sleep on it, and post on here hoping someone has had this happen with a solution.
  12. I use to be smart in GM product line. I hack Bosch engine control units now in other major brands. The Delphi and Bosch are very similar in hex code structure. I was really good at the LS1/6 and 3800 stuff back in 2000-2010. So much has changed in the last 10 years now.
  13. Not new to forums at all. Not new to GM products. Not new to Trucks. I am old. Been around 59 years. Certified Master ASE with L1. Degrees in Computer Engineering. Racing 45 years of those 59. Brought a 2020 Chevrolet Silverado High Country with the Z71 option. I really wanted the Denali, but for the $6000 difference between the 2 dealers, I chose the Chevrolet. I didnt want the sunroof in the Denali, but, I really didnt want the Z71 in the High Country. I also wanted the Multi Pro tailgate in the Denali, but on this feature, I can change the tailgate on the High Country myself in the future. I made a post request on info as to installation of the subwoofer that is sold for the 2019 1500 series as to if anyone had installed that setup to the 2020 2500HD, but, got no responses. I am 100% sure it will fit, just not sure if it will plug and play. I plan to do it no matter, so I will update my own post as to if it is in the least plug and play. I have the Bose Performance in my 2008 Pontiac GXP and it is really nice. This new truck sounds so average for a 60K product line. I realize its just a truck, but really, they could have at least put some quality sound into it. The ride is really bad for a new truck. The Z71 package does not impress me at all. I had a 1983 GMC 4x4 and it this rides about the same as it did in 1983. The steering feels so loose for 2020 with only 200 miles. I will add double steering stabilizers in hopes to resolve some of this play feel. If it really makes me mad I will go to the GMC dealer and trade it in on the Denali.
  14. Did anyone install this https://www.shopchevyparts.com/electronics/2019-silverado-1500-audio-upgrade-kickerreg-powered-subwoofer-kit-crew-cab-and-extended-cab/19417164-p-92303189.html in a 2020 Bose optioned 2500HD High Country? I just got my truck and the sound is really bad to me for a Bose system. This appears to be able to install under the rear seat, but I am curious the wiring is the same as the 19 1500
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