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  1. Thanks very much for the explanation. I had the pump rub through transfer case which leaked fluid so that is likely what caused the problem with friction disc. As for the horrible grinding /gear teeth skipping noise when hauling the 10,000lb boat up the slip in 4 low, could that be the axle disconnect sleeve allowing the passenger axle and stub to spin independent (not locked together enough) of each other. Again this only occurs under this very heavy pull.
  2. Thanks, could you plase explain it a bit further if you can. So driving down the road at 40mph I assume the front driveshaft is not turning on 2 hi. When I pull the manual lever to 4 hi how does the driveshaft get up to speed, is there a synchro in transfer case that does this or does the front axle shaft disconnect sleeve somehow engage first? OR is the front driveshaft always turning in 2 hi? I am familiar with part time systems with lock out hubs such as on my old CJ7 jeep but never understood these systems. Thanks again
  3. I think all my problems have something to do with the front axle disconnect system. How does it actually work, cant find anything online about it. When shifting on the fly 2hi to 4 hi I would think the actuator would have to do its thing before shifting transfer case so both driveshaft are going the same speed. I cant understand how it works. Again this is manual transfer case. Is there a switch wired into manual lever that couples the front axle disconnect milliseconds before transfer case gears are engaged?
  4. 2002 chev silverado 4.8 auto, manual 4x4. First off my shift on the fly doesnt work properly, if moving at all it grinds trying to put it in 4x4. Will engage fine if stopped. Second when in 4 low hauling heavy boat up a slip there is sometimes a loud grinding/gear teeth skipping sound from front axle, only under very heavy pull. Third if going from 4x4 high to 2x4 while driving there is a loud clunk from front axle when it disengages. Are these three issues all related, where do I start looking for a problem. Thanks for any help.
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