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  1. On 10/31/2020 at 6:18 PM, Stuckey said:

    What’s the outcome if I do?  Would a half inch spacer on top be the same problem or be better?

    Can you share any pictures?  Does that kit allow you to retain factory wheels?


    You would be better to do the fender wheel support bracket delete and pull back the liner than push your suspension angles even further.  I would think the cv’s would have a hard time at 4”. 

  2. On 9/9/2019 at 4:48 PM, Rosshog said:

    Did you happen to have these tires mounted before you put on the RC leveling kit?  I have a bone stock AT4 without a leveling kit, so I'm wondering if 285/65/20 will work.  TIA.

    I’ll save you some trouble. I put this size on my Sierra with a 2” level and could hardly turn without major running. I ended up heavily modding the fender wells and made them fit  but it was a pain. I’d go 286/60/20 on a stock AT4




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  3. Need some help, I just installed 285/65/20 BFG KO2’s on my 209 Sierra with 2” level and they are rubbing the mud flap and back fender well bad. I removed the bracket and pulled back the fender liner but still rub more than I want. 

    I think I am going to switch to a 285/60/20 or a 275/65/20.  Does anyone have experience with these sizes on a Sierra?  I want zero run and not willing to cut the mud flap. 

    I appreciate any help.


  4. 1 hour ago, Oregon 2020 AT4 said:

    Thanks, I like the look better than the stock tires.  I'd say they definitely made the ride a bit firmer which I don't mind (coming from 24 years in a F-350 running an assortment of MT's and All - Terrains).

    I didn't think about going with the 285/65's, I just played it safe with the 275/65's knowing they would fit.  If 285/65's fit with out rubbing, I could see myself going that direction next time, I think it would look better with a little more width.

    Just got 285/65/20 ko2’s on my Sierra with 2” level and they rub the rock guard bad. Think I’m going back to stock size. 

  5. 36 minutes ago, 69gto96z said:

    Here is the fender measurements, Bilsteins at max setting, 1.00 ebay rear blocks, and 295/55r22 Terra Grappler G2s.


    Driver front - 39.00

    Driver rear - 40.50


    Pass front - 38.875

    Pass rear - 40.50



    Driver front - 36.25

    Driver rear - 38.625

    Pass front - 36.125

    Pass rear - 38.625


    Definitely a little more rake than I wanted. I may mill 25% off the height of the blocks to bring it down just a tad in the rear.

    Your truck looks great!  Thank you for the measurements, looks like it was true to the claimed lift amount. Do you have a side picture to show the rake?  I plan to do the exact same to my Sierra.  

    Thanks again. 

  6. 6 hours ago, 69gto96z said:

    Here is mine. 5100s at max setting in the front, with 5100s and stock height in the rear. I plan to add a 1” block to the rear. 295/55r22 Nitto Terra G2s. Slight rubbing at full lock on the liners. Need to do some slight trimming.


    Looks great, thanks for sharing!  How is the ride at max height?  What is your fender height now?


    Thanks again. 

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