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  1. I have a 2020 SLT as well. If its not in first screen, swipe from the right. There is another screen and it should be there. Mine was.
  2. Cool. Yeah I'm kind of scared to just stick a SD card in it that has pictures on it. Don't want to screw anything up you know.
  3. Yep, puchased at Everett. I like about 10 min from dealership. If you go there, ask for Russell Crouse. Tell him Jared B. sent you. He will treat you right.
  4. 2020 Sierra SLT crew 4wd (X31) purchased 4/25. MSRP was $56k. Got it for $43k before trade. Wife is a Nurse Practitioner. Only discount we got was a $500 first responder/medical rebate. But I'll take all I can get. ha I was pleased with the deal.
  5. Thanks all. Making me feel better. Light is off today. Still plan on taking it in tomorrow morning to get it scanned.
  6. Well started my truck (2020 GMC, SLT, 5.3, 10 speed) up tonight and check engine light was on. 550 miles, bought on 4/25. Not sure if it has anything to do with some sensor but it has been pouring rain all day and SUPER humid today. Anyway, truck ran fine. Looks like a trip to the dealer on Monday. I traded in a 2005 Ford expedition with 167k miles and it never had a check engine light come on. Haha figures. Oh well, hopefully its something quick and simple.
  7. Just bought a 2020 sierra crew short box (with multi pro) at end of April. Been looking around at tonneau covers. So found the TYGER T5 Alloy hardtop while searching. I also searched this forum and found where some people are using Tyger stuff but didn't see mention of this tonneau. Anyway, decent amount cheaper than comparable tops. 5 yr warranty too looks like. Just wanted to check if any of you have used them and how they work. Get in the way of tailgate opening? (Have auto open but not auto close). Thanks all! Ark
  8. Here is another cool feature I found. I'm sure its been mentioned, but didn't want to dig through 30 pages looking for it. If you are plugging up your phone to use apple car play or android auto, you can plug in your cable inside the console and run your cable out under the console handle. They left room for your cables. The will keep it cleaner and less cables in the way of your cupholders and stuff.
  9. I read through about 7 pages and didn't see this, but has anyone else noticed (I have a 2020 sierra SLT) the parking brake automatically engaging if the tuck rocks hard enough. I just bought the truck at the end of April and I have noticed it do it twice while climbing in and out of the bed of the truck on the multipro tailgate. Thought that was pretty cool feature if that is indeed the case. This is with the truck off too when it has happened to me. (And no, its not the fuel pump priming that I'm hearing. Its for sure the brake). Never mind! I finally found where it was mentioned on an earlier page. Just consider this a refresher I guess.
  10. Same reply as above. I bought the cocoa (I think thats the color option) weathertechs and they match my dark walnut perfectly.
  11. Hello gang! First post. I searched but couldn't find much information surprisingly. I just bought a 2020 Sierra SLT Crew X31 at the end of April. LOVE it so far...but I was replacing a 2005 Ford Expedition so it was a pretty big upgrade in technology. ha My SLT does not have GM navigation, only through Android Auto which is really nice. Anyway, is the SD card slot in the console only for navigation applications? Can it be used to view pictures on an SD card? Videos on an SD card? I hunt and run trail cameras so just curious if I could view the pictures on my truck. Not a big deal if not, just trying to get an understanding of what the slot is used for. Couldn't really find anything in the owners manual either. Thanks all and I look forward to learning a LOT no this forum! Ark
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