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  1. Nice. Ya the Acadia was way too small for us. I wanted a new Yukon/Tahoe but I couldn’t swallow paying $85k for a loaded RST!! So this Traverse came available for $49k. Still a lot but not as much! Also today I added new LED fog lamps that match the head lights. Replace the old nasty OEM yellow bulbs. They are a PSX24 bulb. Look amazing and plug right into factory plug in.
  2. Finally got it up to my buddy and got it all tinted. 30% all around with a 5% strip.
  3. The problem with aftermarket wheels is that the dealership/customer doesn’t want to mess with them because they might not be made anymore. If one gets damaged the customer is $hit out of luck. Now factory is different but having a 22 inch Denali wheel and going to a 20 inch wheel will affect the trade in. The code on the truck from factory registers as having 22 inch wheels. But, don’t let that stop you. YOU as the consumer have the power now because dealerships don’t have the inventory and they need it badly. Good Luck.
  4. Also here is a recent article from MotorTrend It shows after putting on a CAI and Catback exhaust the truck picked up 6 tenths of a second. Also more facts. just with those 2 things. So my claim and OnTheReels claims are not far off. So it just proves my point even more!! Enjoy the read! I know I did! I love proving people wrong! Lol https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.motortrend.com/how-to/chevrolet-performance-silverado-intake-and-exhaust/amp/ Happy Thanksgiving
  5. You came on here talking $hit! I told you my truck picked up about 3 tenths of a second. That was on an app on my phone. I’ve also told you I’ve raced current T1 Models and older K2 models. All stock and then with my aftermarket stuff on it. You are the one who is basically call me a liar, yet I’ve seen it first hand and you state that you have no first hand knowledge. Good for you that you were ignorant and didn’t purchase a high quality aftermarket cold air intake. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!!! Do alittle research next time Looks like from your personal home page that you have a K2. Bring your 2017, 6.2L with its slow @$$ shifting transmission. Had 3 of them and were dogs and I’ll prove it too you. I’ll even pay for your gas!!! The way you rant you sound like “one” of those guys that complains about putting premium fuel in because it costs an extra $8-$10 per fill-up!!! Hell you are so oblivious to how quick the new T1s are, it surprised the hell out of you when SilverSled posted his numbers and he is 100% stock. So GTF off the thread when you have no idea what you are talking about. Im tired of this little pi$$ing match with you. Enjoy your night! And if you want to personal message me and take up my offer. Feel free. I prove it too you also.
  6. Again. My panties are not in a “twist”. I’m just stating what I’ve done. So I do know what I’m talking about if I’ve done it. You obviously don’t. I can and have the data that shows it is faster along with racing a few here and there. You just “keep” talking to people. I’ll take care of the real world stuff. Sounds to me “if I’m being honest “ your confidence is lacking and you don’t have the “balls” maybe too try it out?? I also offered to prove it to you just for $hits and giggles. And I’d love to see the look on your face . As for tunes. I was and have stated from my first post that they are GOOD. Just that with an exhaust and CAI they would be even better. Maybe you didn’t comprehend that?? It’s ok. It takes u a bit to catch up. We obviously can see that!! as for @Silverado 4x4. I could care less if you like to drag race or not. Many do! Everyone is different. Thank god we aren’t all boring. Enjoy your Thanksgiving peaches Good day!!
  7. “@M1ck3y” He can think what he wants. If he has a 6.2L or 5.3L come on over and I’ll prove that a 6.2L with exhaust and S&B CAI will take a stock 6.2L. Oh wait I’ve done it!! But I’ll do it again just for $hits and giggles and to prove a point! Plus, I also have a 5.3L in the family. My stepdad has a 2020 Sierra SLT 5.3L with 10 speed and it gets gapped considerably by my 6.2L, but his new 5.3L would gap my older 2016 and 2017 5.3L all day long. The K2s were “dogs” because of the lazy transmission programming in them. Now, will both of those increase even more with a tune….absolutely! Which is why I did it with my 2018 and will do it in the spring with my 2019. Don’t have time to let my truck sit for a week while ECU is sent out.
  8. You can think that an exhaust and CAI doesn’t help but @OnTheReel has numerical data stating he picked up 3 tenths of a second by adding them. I did it as well with my truck with the S&B and Corsa exhaust. So believe what you want but we have the numerical data that proves you wrong. And with a tune it would only make it run even better. I know my 2018 6.2L with 8 speed along with S&B and Gibson Catback Dual Sport exhaust before and after hand held Hypertech installed was night and day different than stock. I am debating on the Diablo handheld here in the spring to get the full potential of my CAI and exhaust. It runs great now but if it helps my 2019 out like my 2018. Then I will be very pleased.
  9. I never stated I was, I do have 2 masters degrees that I worked hard for, and paid for by myself. Crazy isn’t it! Hard work pays off. But ranting about Apple CarPlay and wanting GM to buy back the truck is complete ignorance. Also, maybe it isn’t GM, ever think it could be an Apple issue!!
  10. I make perfect sense. You obviously don’t comprehend. Actually I do, because “most” think they are entitled little $h!ts who think everything should be given to them. Heck a recent study was made stating that millennials believe they shouldn’t accept any job that doesn’t pay them 6 figures. Ridiculous! and you ranting about GM buying back your truck because of Apple CarPlay is just that. Ridiculous.
  11. I put an AVS aero skin on my truck and wife’s new Traverse. Love them. They lay flat into the hood instead of sticking up like a bug shield. It Protects the front edge of the hood. I like it too because it gives it alittle different look as well.
  12. I’m not reading text while driving. I see that a text goes through by the vibration of my watch and see that my watch lights up! Then I give them a call totally different MAN! So because I can afford a smart watch and choose to Bluetooth my phone I’m a hypocrite. Get out of here. Plus I don’t need CarPlay because if you’re smart enough. Which you obviously aren’t. You can run navigation through your phone via Bluetooth. It all goes through the radio telling you where to turn. Or like My truck came with navigation and I use that also. Case closed. Anything else you’d like to debate.
  13. You don't have to look down at anything. You can call whoever you need to talk to by pushing the microphone button on steering wheel. As for texts, i have my watch to look at which is facing me when my hands are on the steering wheel. If i need to respond! I make an "OLD SCHOOL" call instead of texting. Rather hear a voice than keep texting
  14. Why not just bluetooth it up to the radio. IDK, I realize you won't have Carplay, which I could care less, I just use my bluetooth for music and making calls. What the [email protected] does Carplay have more of other than those 2 things, anything more than that your eyes won't be on the road ?? Sounds like a millennial rant who cant go without his phone for 2 minutes.
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