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  1. Agreed. I took my step dads 5.3L 3.23s 10 spd and it was impressive
  2. Agree with @OnTheReel the new 10 spd makes the world of difference. I had 3.42s in my 6 and 8 spd Sierras and now have 3.23s in this new truck. I for one wanted 3.42s but I am very happy with the 3.23s. Thought it would pull my boat different but it doesn’t at all.
  3. Go buy a nice clean 1999 to 2006 LS 4.8L or 5.3L before any of the Bull$hit AFM/DFM were introduced. They are reliable. Now the tailgate handle might fall off and doors will rattle but the engine will run forever! I believe that anything can be reliable as long as the owner services it and keeps up in the maintenance regularly. (Except for a Ford) My father has stated it’s cheaper to fix a GM truck than other trucks. Especially the older models.
  4. You can have your 2018! I had one and it’s 8 speed with 6.2L combo was complete garbage. I also had a 2016 with the wonderful Chevy Shake. Not fun to deal with. Thank goodness it was bought back by GM. My 2019 High Country with 10 speed and 6.2L is better in every way. And I’ve had about zero issues with mine other than the rear window leak which was fixed with 200 miles on it and I now have 16k and not a drop leaks . It’s also made on June of 2019, so it is very close to a 2020. A lot of the bugs I believe were worked out of it, compared to the trucks made in late 2018 and early 2019.
  5. I have gotten the white disposable one on last 2 trucks. I took my older one out about 30k miles and lightly ran air through it like stated on their website. I believe it’s good for about 50k miles. Don’t quote me on it. Also I’ve never had really good luck with the oiled ones. Always messed with my MAF sensor.
  6. Bd trims off Amazon. Wife has Amazon prime so she ordered them for me during Xmas.
  7. Dang wish you would have let me know. I’d have taken your snowflake 22s!!! Lol. Love those wheels. Any-how hope your Audi treats you well. They are nice looking cars. Enjoy and good luck.
  8. I don’t know how anyone lives in that state. I lived in Vegas for 2 years and that was enough. I drove to Disney Land one day for a little vacation and that is exactly how everyone drove! “Just like you described”. Drivers etiquettecy out there really suffers. Plus, wasting a tank of gas sitting in traffic drove me nuts as well. That was in 2007 when gas was over $4/gal. Anyhow, I commend you because I couldn’t do it.
  9. Finally added the BD Trims tailgate letters today that my wife got me for Christmas. Gorgeous 70 degree day in Iowa. Also used the hairdryer to get letters back tailgate extra hot to make sure letters stayed down. Turned out nice.
  10. Agreed with @Transient about the K2s. My 2016 had the “Chevy Shake” and got bought back. My 2017 had the 5.3L with 8 spd and I never had issue with it hard shifting but when I found my 2018 SLT Sierra with 6.2L and 8 spd. It started to clunk, jerk, and shift hard all the time from 1st to 2nd after 5k miles. Drove me nuts. Out on highway it was very smooth. Just was always in the back of my mind I knew it wasn’t right because of the $h!tty in town shifting it did. In my opinion, who should only look for the 10 spd. The new 8 spds are supposed to have the “bugs” worked out of them but idk, it’s a gamble, and idk about you but I don’t gamble because, I work to hard for my money. Also, the 10 speed has never had any issues that I’ve heard of, and mine has been flawless
  11. That’s because it was a Ford....duh
  12. Take it to another dealership. Call GM directly everyday. Get a case number. I went through this with my 2016 Sierra. 4 months later GM bought it back and got into 17.
  13. The plug is for your hand to fit into...acts like a handle to help with getting up into the box while putting your foot into the bumper step. Nice trucks congrats. Beautiful camaro!!
  14. I too had a 2015 Acadia. Was much larger than this new Acadia. Engine felt like it was struggling at times. The redesign of this new vehicle and the motor, along with the 9 spd makes this thing get up and go pretty good. And if you drive it accordingly, we have achieved 28 mpgs going 70 mph. My mother has the new enclave. It is bigger, rides excellent, but my wife wanted this because it was just the right size for her.
  15. I like. I picked my wife up a fully loaded SLT in October. Got $9500 off MSRP. Also traded in a terrain. Love the power and the ride of this new Acadia. Very smooth. Nice purchase. Congrats.
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