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  1. I currently have 41,712 miles on my 2018 Denali as of yesterday. I am really enjoying this body style. If it had the 10 speed it would be one of the best trucks GM has produced since the 98 C/K truck I also am driving. It has 245,638 on it as of today driving to work. Original engine and transmission.
  2. I got this on sale for around $225 from autoanything.com, regular $499. They had a sale going on I said what the heck. It does everything I want it to do except reprogram the transmission. It does allow you to set the transmission into sport or performance mode. Eventually I will take it to a performance shop and have them reprogram the whole truck, transmission in all with HP Tuners program.
  3. Yes the Denali has more of a bronze/silver look and the SLT was all Silver. I had two 2018's. One was a fully loaded SLT. And now I have the Denali. The Bronze/Silver has grown on me. I just can't stand the wood grain door handle and console trim.
  4. There are center cap covers also for the doors, but I kinda like the black covers for now, alittle contrast.
  5. I added carbon fiber door handle covers and center console covers to the truck. I like the look and quality of them. Breaks up all the blackness of the doors and console area.
  6. I have had two S&B cold air intakes in my 2018 SLT and 2019 High Country and bought the dry filter on each one. Never threw a code. Put over 40k on them. Took out every 10k and blew them out with air compressor. I will be purchasing another one for my 2018 denali
  7. This is the MAIN reason when I bought my Denali last month that it was not an Ultimate Denali. I did not want the automatic running boards because they are known for burning up motors, especially in states with "bad" winters. I also like the fixed running boards because they help keep the sides of the truck from getting "debris/road rash"
  8. This is exactly why I bought the extended warranty on my 2018 Denali. For all the electrical "garbage" they put into vehicles now. It could be a list of things. I would continue to us "spare" key for a while and see how everything performs. Unhooking the battery over night "could" reset some things on your truck and then reuse the "main" key to see if that helps/works?? I know it would cost money but have a "main" key scanned?? I'm just trying to throw some things your way, hopefully it was just a glitch...good luck.
  9. Make sure you installed your MAF sensor the correct way. If it is backwards, this would cause the vehicle to stall. Also, if this is the case, you must unhook the battery and let it sit for around an hour before re-installing the correct way, then start up the truck. Hopefully that is all it is. Good luck....Happy 4th
  10. That's a d@mn big screen! I'll be looking into this one as well. I was also thinking about just keeping my stock 8 inch and adding the bypass adapter to watch DVD's on that screen.
  11. I'm really leaning toward this unit. Looks nice, big, and clean
  12. I totally agree with you! After having four K2 trucks and one T1. I went back to a 2018 Denali with a brand new TQ converter and fluid change, and I couldn't be more happier with it. The look of the K2 GMC trucks are AWESOME!! One of the best looking trucks GM has produced. Plus, they don't cost $70K or more!! Prices on new trucks are out of control and people are paying more on monthly truck payments than mortgage payments. Congrats on the build and fantastic looking truck!
  13. Ordered the Hypertech Programmer for my 2018 6.2L. I had a discount come through my email and I purchased this canned tune for $234!!! Regular $499. I think auto anything messed up on the discount but I didn't mind it one bit. Will be able to get rid of AFM, speed limiter,and adjust tire size/speedometer for my 22s, along with a bump of about 20 hp/tq. I had this on my 2018 SLT and really liked it for what it is. I didn't want to do a custom tune yet, because I do have a 5 year bumper to bumper warranty and I can return it back to factory settings with this system. Plus for $30 difference between a range system that shuts off AFM. I think it's a no brainer. It comes in Friday.
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