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  1. Sold my truck today! Made great money and don’t have a truck payment anymore picked up a very clean for the year 1998 c/k 1500 super cab with 5.7L Vortec. Will drive that for a year and then son will be turning 14, so it will be his first truck. Then I’ll decide what I want and hopefully GM has something new and exciting in a year and half but I’m not getting my hopes up too much.
  2. Yes. Take them out. Spray a little degreaser on them. Let sit for 30-45 seconds. Take a bristle brush to them. Go to town in them. Spray excess off, let air dry or wipe off. All done. Very easy. Have done it so many times detailing its exhausting.
  3. Just another reason “WHY” I am keeping my 2019. It’s been “flawless”….. Ever since the so called “Pandemic”, things aren’t constructed like they used to be. It seems “people” in general don’t care anymore. It’s very sad! My question is how can you leave the dealership lot and not realize your trucks back pillar isn’t connected? Ever since 2003 when I have bought new vehicles, I look over them from top to bottom. Just because it’s NEW doesn’t mean it won’t have flaws! Hopefully they get him squared away and fixed up.
  4. Ya. I’ve looked into it and a 3/5 is the one to get/do! Here is the one I’m contemplating
  5. I have absolutely ZERO social media or what I call “liberal media” sites. Never have cared about any of them. A few of my colleagues are always on TikTok and bragging how cool it is. I think it’s childish really. I come to this site because I love vehicles and enjoy seeing what/how people mod or figure out things.
  6. Pulled UTV and ATV to and from Black Hills. Just got home today. Averaged 12.7 mpgs round trip pulling trailer 71 mph. 6 1/2 hours out and back. Filled up 3 times going out. Nice head wind and 2 times coming home. If I owned a [email protected] EV, it would have taken me over a day to get there
  7. Those look so much better!! Thank you for the pics. And yes I can tell you watching the auto repair shop take one of mine off. I could tell they suck. I wasn’t worried about him taking them off because if he broke it. Oh well, he replaces free of charge but I understand why you took your time. nice work. I always park farthest away from everyone. Wife has come accustomed to it now. And with her new Traverse Redline. She washes it more than any other vehicle she has ever owned. I’m thinking after almost 18 years of marriage. I’ve rubbed off on her a bit
  8. I love it!!! Looks great. Congrats and enjoy your modified truck.
  9. GM needs to step up its game with either a supercharged truck or a hybrid truck because slapping more off-road goodies on the machine and adding front lockers isn’t going to cut it up against Raptors or TRXs. Adding more weight is only going to hurt the performance even more. It’s crazy to me why GM doesn’t throw in the LT4. oh wait let’s push EVs when they can’t even tow a damn little camper for more than 87 miles. Complete joke.
  10. Looks awesome. Love the stance. Can’t stand lifted pavement pounding princess trucks!! This truck is a street truck and you’re using it and built it for its intended purpose. I’d suggest putting 22 or even 24 inch wheels on it. GM needs to hit the street truck market with this type of “stance”. Congrats.
  11. Yes. I like my standard boards. They also go length of cab to wheel wells. Make for easy drying off after a good wash.
  12. Not for me. They go out after a few years and also don’t product the whole side of your truck from rock chips. After 2-3 years the sides of your truck looks like it’s been sand blasted. My SS Trailblazer didn’t have running boards or splash guards and it had to go into GM to cover it under their TSP bulletin rock chip repair. Never again will I own a truck or SUV with them. Just my 2 cents. Can’t stand rock chips.
  13. Your passenger side is an 1/8 longer sticking out from the bumper than your driver side. Looks good though. I personally like the exhaust tips going out the bumper. I realize why GM did it. Could one build a ZR2 and add a regular bumper with tips on it
  14. Interesting…..Power Running boards are the only option I didn’t get on my HC. Didn’t want them. Have never liked them. Makes sense though, but my wife and I still can’t get over how large and awkward it is.
  15. When I had a new black one installed under warranty, I watched the gentlemen and he had to pop out the mirror first. To get to the clips on the cap and it came off. Thought the mirror was going to snap when he was wrenching/tugging it off @dieselfan1 make sure to post pics. Interested in seeing it with chrome. I might do this when I get my snowflake wheels to match.
  16. Drivers are a huge issue. Trying to find them is a nightmare. My wife is a Merchandiser for a huge company and she has issues everyday trying to find drivers for her routes for the company. We as a country have to stop paying people to stay home and get them out into jobs!!!! Hopefully @FJB you get some information on your truck soon so you can enjoy it.
  17. My HC has it. Your LTZ doesn’t I wonder what technology package it comes under for you to get the “monster “ button?
  18. Complete Stupidity! https://gmauthority.com/blog/2022/07/car-buyers-increasingly-jumping-into-1000-monthly-payments-study-says/amp/ here is a GM article. Ford also had one I was reading.
  19. I’m hoping so too. I just can’t believe how “some people” have been paying way over MSRP for these things. It’s like they have this itch of “I can’t wait”!! There was a ZR2 on cars.com a month ago for $84k! It sold in 2 days. Blows my mind people would pay that! But then again that’s why so many are going into default right now and the housing market is seeing foreclosures creeping up. my last 3 trucks I’ve bought have had incentives of $6k plus 0% interest and the other two had $12,500 off. Hopefully with some new leadership in few years. Things can get back to some normalcy
  20. Don’t forget the “HUGE” plastic nuts hanging from the hitch. They are ignorant individuals to say the least.
  21. Stupid pricing on these vehicles. Congrats on your truck when it gets delivered. I just read an article where over 13% of new car loans are 84 months and $1000 or higher per month.
  22. Agreed. Not a fan of how HUGE the button is. I like the feature but also would appreciate all 4 to go back up. But I can see GM seeing it as unsafe.
  23. Yet car magazine reviewers all state it doesn’t achieve its so called MPGs. I don’t live in your elevation and a majority of others don’t either. Bring that 2.7L down here and the 5.3L and 6.2L will embarrass it! Even in your elevation. The 5.3L is still right there on par and won’t be working as hard and the 6.2L is in a whole other league car and driver. 0-60 times 2.7L…..7.0 secs. 5.3L…..6.1 secs. 6.2L……….5.3 secs. That’s almost 2 full seconds. Not even close when elevation isn’t a factor which for me and many others it’s not. For you I can definitely see it. Until they can make that 4 cylinder achieve 28-30 mpgs consistently…I’ll stick with a V8 that can achieve mid 20s. The 6.2L you also had was on a lifted truck. Of course it’s gonna affect the MPGs and performance! Go put a lift and larger tires on your 2.7L and watch the MPGs and performance drop dramatically. That’s why GM should offer a sport truck and offer the 2.7L in a single cab. A 5.3L in ext cab and a 6.2L in crew cab with an option to add supercharger to the 2 V8s. They had one at the SEMA show back in 2018. If GM would put a blower on either V8….you can take elevation out entirely! I have seen first hand from stepdad, brother in law, and father law all having ecoboost V6s that they underperform tremendously compared to GMs V8s. All my 5.3L and 6.2L achieved better mpgs. Hell my old school 5.0L achieved better than my stepdads 2011 ecoboost. We could go on and on. I’m glad you like your “4 cylinder”. It seems to be a nice little engine. But to put it into a conversation with two of GMs V8s is amusing. It has a long way to go to achieve the reputation of GMs small blocks!
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