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  1. With the Ultimate you will be getting the newer interior, super cruise, newer exterior, more features, and I believe a newer suspension on the Denali. Newer adaptive ride control. Used to be called Magnetic Ride Control IDK if that is worth $15k more to you or not?
  2. Sell it. Get cash, head down south and find a nice rust free 03-06 Silverado in excellent condition!
  3. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a38841880/2023-cadillac-escalade-v-photos-details/ Well the photos are out but typical GM fashion no numbers to reveal! They do this all the time. Hide the engine specs. So frustrating!
  4. If they just could have found a way to put a TPI 305 in it. Thing would have scooted! But then again it would have probably taken sales away from the camaro and corvette. Who knows but I’m a guy who’s all in and if you are going to do something. Do it to its fullest!!! Could have been a [email protected] performing car as well as [email protected] looking car.
  5. Way to many headaches with the motors back then. Weren’t they called the “iron duke” Many had issues with catching on fire. When I was in elementary school a high schooler had a maroon GT Fiero, and I remember playing on the playground and watching that thing drive by. Man was it a sweet ride. Reminded me of a Ferrari. Because every kid back then had a picture in his bedroom of a red Ferrari Testerosa like the one in Magnum PI.
  6. I noticed that!! Congrats! What a real GEM you have there. I was just a very young kid when they came out. Remember seeing a few here and there, but the video sure does put that car into perspective on how rare of a machine it truly is!
  7. Ugh. I can’t stand loud annoying tires. Nice quiet tires for me and wonderful exhaust note whenever you step on the gas!
  8. I wasn't putting down the Ram at all. I'm just not that impressed with the interior as the magazines state "its out of this world beautiful" It is very nice, now GM's new interior I think looks nicer. I also haven't been impressed and neither has he with the E-Torque. Even he states its a joke! The doors on the Ram still feel cheap when you close them. Now, have they gotten better than the previous years, OH HECK YES! I won't even comment on a Furd, never liked them and too many on other side of the family who think they're the best, even when they have there issues with them over and over again. If I was to buy a different truck I would choose the Titan, call me crazy but I have liked the looks of them since they came out in 2019 with redesign. They also offer a V8! I agree that GM is falling behind with a few things and that comes from the person in charge at the top!! My choice for a 4 door sedan would be a Stinger!! That is a very sleek, sexy looking car that can haul 4 people very comfortably. It's a shame GM didn't make the Impala a competitor!
  9. You are entitled to your opinion, but Ram and Ford say otherwise. Hell look at the Dodge Challenger the past 15 years. All they do is up the HP/TQ and they keep selling it. The TRX is selling very well, and Ford is bringing out a supercharged V8 finally in their Raptor. You can't tell me it doesn't matter and people don't want more power! As for affording it, LMFAO. Just because you couldn't scratch it doesn't mean I WON'T or others wouldn't throw down the cash to get into a truck that has the performance of a sports car, yet can tow or haul the things they need to and from wherever their destination requires. Proceed.....
  10. Yes the 14-18 5.3L with E-85 were rockets!! I think they were rated at 406ish??? Don’t quite me on that. Read an article a few year back. im on the other hand not that impressed with the Ram. Buddy has had 2 of them. Interior is nice. Not outstandingly out of this world like the car magazines state. His new ETorque Hemi isn’t that impressive and his gas mileage isn’t good either. To each their own.
  11. True. The 5.3L needs a bump in power for sure but it does perform [email protected] well for being the lowest HP/TQ ratings. Last Car and Driver a read had its 0-60 times right at the same as a so called “Hemi 5.7L and Fords Coyote 5.0L. 400 HP is very attainable and still being reliable for that power plant.
  12. This is why I won't be trading for the refresh. If GM would have gotten their head out of their @$$es, and rated their V8's with more HP/TQ I would have jumped on it. 5.3L 400HP 6.2L 460 or 475 HP easily NO reason for me to trade when I don't mind the interior of mine, easy to use and clean. Yes, the new interior is awesome, but come on GM, offer more POWER. I was greatly disappointed they didn't update the 5.3 or 6.2
  13. I couldn’t even imagine how many pre owned HDs you could buy with this attempted swap! you could always just drop in the big block Chevy with 1000 HP for $30k
  14. From what I've read from Car and Driver and Motortrend: Luckily, a lot of the pieces are already in place. GM's LS small-block line is a living legend, developed at the zenith of the art and science (pun intended) of internal combustion. It produces a staggering 668 hp and 659 lb-ft of torque—numbers up 28 hp and 29 lb-ft compared to the CTS-V's LT4 engine, thanks to a freer-flowing intake, an upgraded supercharger that creates more boost down low, and a smaller but more efficient intercooler.
  15. Why not just do a flat core fee?? It's kind a nonsense if you ask me. Pay $699 right on site and then have kinda bogus 8 credits at $49.99 for another $400... Why not just say, hey $900 or whatever amount total and its programmed......its deceiving! Because all you see up front is the $699
  16. What exactly are credits?? Why do they charge credits?? Seems like everywhere now a days charges extra 'stupid" fees
  17. Get the full Borla or Corsa catback. That gets rid of the horrible flappers, and you won't have the drone. plus it free up a few extra HP/TQ. You are always risking having drone by just adding a muffler. Corsa and Borla do intensive research on their full catbacks. I have the Corsa and its fantastic, and others who have the Borla say the same. Did it right the first time.
  18. Here is a choice https://www.diablosport.com/uncategorized/2021-gm-5-3-6-2-gas-truck-tuning-now-available/ or go to HPTuners website. Superchips also make a hand held tune.
  19. When I bought my 2019. I bought it over the phone and when I showed up it was everything I wanted except for a small dent on the rear back door. They tried PDRing it but it was in an area that they couldn’t get too. So they would have to sand down area and pull out and repaint whole door. I said hell no. So they said ok, we will just pull off the back door of this black high country and swap it out. They did it and it’s perfect and I don’t have to worry about it being repainted. Feel sorry for the other customer that bought other truck but they truly would never know if it did or didn’t have a new door. as for OP. I’d ask for a different hood. Or get it repainted. I’m like you. I’m very OCD with my vehicles. I also name everyone of them I own.
  20. The funny thing about all of this is that I've heard they got excellent MPGs too if you just drove them normal down the highway, 30 mpgs was not unheard of, which is crazy for a car that could scoot that fast. What was your experience. My best friends son has a 2006 impala SS with corsa exhaust, K/N CAI, and mild tune and he can achieve 26 mpgs running 75 up I29 interstate to sioux falls. That 4 speed really hindered the Impala and Trailblazer, GM really needed to put Tremec 6 speed manual in them like they did with the little SSR pickup truck...or just a regular 6 speed. Really would have helped both vehicles out tremendously https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/a18201910/chevrolet-ssr-short-take-road-test/
  21. Doesn't it always come down to emissions?? UGH!!! I just read an article about the Durango Hellcat no longer being in development because the motor no longer can meet the emissions requirement......sad, because they are bad looking rig!! I just couldn't bring myself to put down $80k for a Durango and Dodge product.....
  22. https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/a18201562/chevrolet-cobalt-ss-supercharged-short-take-road-test/ I did find this article and it has it at 5.9 secs..
  23. That's very interesting because all the magazines 0-60 and quarter mile times had the turbo faster. But, hey, you had one and found the right way to drive/launch it and that's awesome man! https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/a18203307/chevrolet-cobalt-ss-supercharged-first-drive-review/ They had it at 6.1 Secs and the 2009 at 5.5 Secs. I know its a magazine but .6 tenths is a ton. either way those little cars were a real sporty/sleeper of a car back in the day.
  24. Here is that article https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/a15144400/2009-chevrolet-cobalt-ss-sedan-short-take-road-test/
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