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  1. Thanks guys! Took it on the freeway and all, did maybe 8-10 mile trip in it and everything seemed okay. I feel good about the Ford Premium Care too because its still a dealer warranty and not some use car lot crap, is transferrable too. He's going to do 24,600 on it...and I'll keep the topper for a minute then decide later on if I want to sell it. Just waiting for financing to go through. Now I live in Michigan so I gotta start looking into ways to protect it...I know rust is inevitable here but if I can do as much as possible to hold it off I've seen some very clean trucks even in old age here! Ill make another thread in hopes of getting recommendations for some other things I want to do to it, like a small leveling kit, wheel/tires, and maybe some headlight change would be cool.
  2. Thanks you guys, I’m 25 with an almost clean record so insurance is only about 1250 for the year. It’s about time I get my first loan as well to work on my credit score. I plan to put maybe $8k down of savings to bring my payment down a lot too. I think it’s a decent deal as well, not like a liquidation, but fair pricing and I think I’ll still be in a great position once it’s paid off, I won’t lose nearly as much money as I would buying something closer to $30k that I was looking at before.
  3. My good friends retired father is selling his 2016 Sierra. It’s an SLE double cab with a 6.5 ft. bed. It’s 4x4 with the Z71 package as well. It’s silver in color, perfectly clean, with 40,050 miles. He has a color matched bed topper on it and he bought it from a Ford dealer last year with their premium care warranty that is a bumper to bumper till 75,000 miles or 2023. He said he’d sell it to me for $24,750...and help me out with the whole sales tax thing. It seems like a pretty good deal, but this is my first big vehicle purchase now that I’ve graduated college. What do you guys think? Anything else I should ask?
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