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  1. I thought it was my computer, hopefully they fix it or I will delete it.
  2. This is beautiful! I am always arguing with people on the FB 3.0 page and the know it alls say you don’t need 3.73 now that the 10 speed is available. Put a trailer or bigger tires and tell me the gears don’t help! Thanks
  3. I like the spreadsheet you did there. I am an old ditch digger with limited computer skills, could you post a spreadsheet comparing the 10 speed with 3.23 gears vs the 10 speed with 3.73 gears as found in the 3.0 with the diesel off road package? Thanks
  4. I really hope this 22’ new interior brings a new window design. I am planning on ordering a 3.0 for a daily driver and won’t order it without a new design. I wonder how many normal non enthusiasts have leaking windows and don’t know it!
  5. Just picture this scenario, I am a heavy equipment operator for a large construction company. We do Water, Sewer, and storm drainage. The foreman drives an F-450 crewcab utility body 4x4. H e starts it at 4:30 am and doesn’t shut it off til 6 pm every day. He leaves it running all day to charge batteries and keep it warm or cool,plus another laborer uses to go to the yard to get things. It regens 2 times a day and burns 30-40 gallons of fuel. What electric is going to replace this! Nothing anytime soon. And by the way, aside from going through brakes and front tires this thing keeps on going d
  6. Really liking the silver with tow mirrors. I wanted to order satin steel when I order my 22’ but every body and their mother has it. Don’t see many silver ones around. Unless they come out with the hunter (green) like they offer in tahoe/sub, I may get silver. F-ing GM, they have to be so restrictive with color, gear, engine choices. I wish I wasn’t so brand loyal! But the dopes like me are dying off.
  7. Is there an adjustment in the latch catches on the bed?
  8. That’s funny about what GM says, I flew from New Jersey to Laura in Missouri to get my 17 Denali Duramax picked it up and drove 80 miles an hour all the way back to New Jersey only stopping for fuel I hope I didn’t mess it up!
  9. Exactly what Sailor said is how Laura handles it.
  10. I wish they would come out with a regular cab short bed I would consider this engine for my daily driver for work .my 17 year old Duramax is beating me to death. best vehicle I’ve ever owned!
  11. Some people don’t understand there are people who would like to put larger tires on and bring the motor back into the same shift range etcetera as the 323. 373 should be available in every configuration and in GMC also!
  12. I can’t believe you had to do this your self! I have only bought GM vehicles my whole life and if they would not cover this I’d never buy another one!
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