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  1. Hello forum world. I just Bought a 2005 GMC Sierra 1500 with the L33 5.3 Liter and less than 24 hours after I bought the truck it went into limp mode and I was surprised because this is my first experience with reduced engine power mode. I have done a lot of research on the throttle position sensors and it looks like the old owners knew about the problem and then traded the vehicle in. The truck does have some rust from being up north and the dealership I bought it from has sent it to the local GMC dealer and they are trying to troubleshoot the problem. When I bought the vehicle it came with a new throttle body and accelerator pedal. The problem seems to come when I am driving it on base at Naval Air Station Jacksonville because the rode is horrible and causes a lot of vibration. So far all I know is that they put dielectric grease on the throttle body sensor connector and checked the grounds. I think I would get more codes than the same two I have been getting if the ground lost connection but what are any thoughts. If I end up getting the truck back I might rewire the whole system. Does anyone have the particulars on the type of pins that are used and the crimp tool and maybe the gauge and type of wire? Another question can the throttle Actuator control Module be intermittent? If you have any other thoughts on this I would be most appreciative.
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