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  1. The reason why it took so long for anyone to even release this option and the cost is because of all that goes into it. Basically it's not just the radio you are getting, it's the upgraded receiver, navigation, extra functions, sirius radio, wireless carplay, and the new backup camera
  2. I wonder if Go Recon or anyone else will ever come out with smoked headlight assemblies for the 2020 Silverado 2500HD's? Would love to be able to swap out the stock halogen units to smoked OLED's. I already changed the bulbs to OLED's and re-adjusted the headlight angle but would love complete smoked assemblies. With everything being black or blue on my truck I would love a slight tint on the headlights to match.
  3. With the leveling kit and 35" tires on 20x10"s I generally get around 11-13. Less when towing my 30 foot camper but that is to be expected. As far as the 17-20 mph statements - mine couldn't hit that in neutral going 100% downhill.
  4. Has anyone done this yet with a 7" stock screen? What part did you need to purchase to upgrade from the 7" screen to the 8" screen that comes with the new unit?
  5. Very expensive though, almost 2k. I was still thinking about doing it but since the stock radio is 7" and the upgrade is 8" I need to change bezel/trim plate but haven't been able to find what I would need. They sell the trim plate individually for the 7" screen but the only thing I have seen for the 8" is having to buy the entire control assembly
  6. Let me know if you figure out what part is needed for the move from the 7" to the 8" as far as trim/bezel change, thanks!
  7. Has anyone added an aftermarket skid plate to replace the plastic one behind the front bumper of a 2020 2500HD?
  8. I went with the dual mount purchased from a link in this forum. Love it!
  9. I'd just leave it and throw an aftermarket setup on after you get it. Alot of options that way and you can always sell the stock one's to help on cost if you need to.
  10. All about preference, 6.6L gas definitely fits your power needs. Fuel mileage is not as good in the gas engine but the cost is roughly 50 cents a gallon less also. For me gas was a no brainer, I wanted to keep the price down a little and I never was one to care at all about the bells and whistles on the inside. I generally buy base and add my personal preferences myself. Because of this I was able to pay cash for the truck and have no payments.
  11. FWIW I went with a Superlift kit to level and 35x12.5’s with 20x10’s Trimming of the inside corner of the mudflap was required but only a small piece
  12. Another good option is to look at the gallery on customwheeloffset.com
  13. Actually it could be just that. I just replaced the GM steering wheel. Wanted a leather wrapped one. Is there something I can do to correct the issue?
  14. Yesterday when I was driving home all of a sudden the Service ESC light came on. Any idea what the deal is? 2020 Silverado 2500HD with 6.6L Gas
  15. Before i changed the whole thing i went to the Lasfit site and just swapped out to led’s it was easy and less expensive. I swapped taillights later because i wanted smoked out
  16. I replaced the taillights in my 2020 with gorecon version, expensive but awesome
  17. Took quite awhile to find one when I bought mine. Because the new thing is to buy a truck for driving around town and for family trips to the grocery store they don't stock a ton of them. I've always had a car for that stuff and a truck for truck stuff such as pulling boat and camper as well as firewood. Not getting an 8 foot bed has never been a consideration for me and I don't want a thirty foot long truck that won't fit in the garage.
  18. I went with the MBRP cat back - the Borla Chevy sells was to mellow for me.
  19. I replaced my regular auto dining mirror with the Chevy one with the opener and it worked fine and looks great, my opener is a Genie
  20. Chevy.com using my legends discount of 20% with a pickup at dealership so no shipping costs
  21. Garage door mirror doesn’t need any dealership intervention. My WT came with the bed lights already installed
  22. I've got a 30 foot TT, you're right on with mileage while towing. Mine generally gets 11-13 when not towing, but I really don't drive on the highway much. Plus I have 20x10's and 35's which doesn't help
  23. For example, center console shipped to me for $18 - other online parts dealers were looking over $50+ for shipping
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