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  1. Find the parts online place that is closest to your location. I am in CT and Tasca had great shipping rates because they are in RI. Others in CA, etc. had crazy high shipping rates. Part prices at all are usually fairly similar.
  2. Could be because mine is a WT model. Stupid really. Actually when I went to replace the front speakers in the dash there were none, just the plug. Funny you pay 45-50k for a WT and they take off ****** that probably costs them next to nothing.
  3. I don’t think so, I don’t think I can do that with mine, the only setting I can change is bad and treble
  4. I just made the best of it. Added new speakers to the front and doors added a LOC7i and a 4 channel amp. Sounds really good now. The only thing that sucks is that with the IOR stereo there is still no way to adjust the front to back and side to side sound.
  5. Did mine using https://lljcustoms.com/ Website had harness and LC7i - just plugs right in to existing, no splicing of wires. Without the LC7i the stereo will throttle down the bass automatically so speakers won't blow. The LC7i corrects this. In mine I replaced the upper speakers with small Kenwood's, replaced the door speakers with Focal's, and added a 4 channel amp. After tuning the stereo setup totally cranks with just the right amount of bass.
  6. https://lljcustoms.com/ Use this website. They sell a wiring kit that will plug directly into the audio system and wire directly into the LC7i. Very simple, no splicing.
  7. FWIW my 2020 2500HD WT didn't have the garage door opener either but they sell a replacement mirror that has them. I just bought the upgraded mirror and done.
  8. So first I'm ignoring all the BS here in this post - I have had this same issue since I bought my truck a year and a half ago. Had radio replaced and updates done, none of it worked. I have just learned to live with it, thankfully it doesn't occur but every now and then. Additionally, I have an "unfixable" issue with the backup camera. When in use it is very apparant that the gridlines are not centered. Not really an issue when backing up except when you are using it to align a hitch ball to a trailer. The line being off center is a pain in the butt.
  9. I just trimmed mine - don't notice any real impact as far as road debris being in the front.
  10. Mine had stock halogens, I changed the bulbs out
  11. Went with MBRP cat back - sounds good, probably not quite as loud as I would prefer but options are still a little limited as I will absolutely not put an exhaust that is not T304 Stainless on my truck, only doing this once. So options were Borla Chevy factory model (still no Borla Sport out yet) or MBRP. Magnaflow is not an option for the reason stated.
  12. What did you do with your old one? Was it one that the center console opened on?
  13. May not be the same but my 2018 Mailbu just had a similar issue, the problem with mine was related to the gas pedal assembly and sensor. It was replaced and now no more issues.
  14. I love my REV rollup with the hard inside. Rolls up to probably 10 inches give or take. I have an 8 foot bed so I am usually good space wise. I actually recently put the fold up truck box accessory from REV in the front which I also like.
  15. I put upper Kenwood speakers in by splicing the old wires with a new and soldering. The HD WT actually had no speakers in the openings at all just the plug. However, I'm sure you can probably find a harness somewhere. The door speakers I swapped out to CT Sounds speakers but since the stock speakers have moldings built into them I had to go to crutchfield and pick up a set of speaker mounting brackets for an additional $20 so they fit correctly in existing openings.
  16. Got mine right from the Chevy accessories site searching by my VIN
  17. I went the full route - mounted using spare tire delete package. I like it, already used the compressor a few times camping. The horn is extremely loud though as you mentioned if you don't like that. Of course a true train horn is also very loud
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