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  1. Anybody have any videos with the sound of the Chevy Borla exhaust? Getting tired of waiting on the sport exhaust but don't want it too mellow. Can't find any examples on You Tube for the 6.6 factory one
  2. Anybody have any videos on the sound of the Borla made exhaust's that Chevy is selling for the 6.6L gas? Growing tired of waiting on Borla to release the Sport version but don't want anything too mellow. Can't find anything on You Tube
  3. Yeah - but they always have deals this was 20% off so just over 500 And you do get what you pay for. Frankly I think stock replacements aren't far off that amount.
  4. The reason why you don't go muffler only is so you never have to do it again. Borla guarantee is for life. No changing out in the future, I did the muffler thing on my old one and frankly got tired of replacing every few years. Since I keep my trucks until they die I don't want to swap out exhausts like the last truck.
  5. Good opportunity to get aftermarket ones! I've got Recon's on mine.
  6. The Husky flaps aren't meant to mount flush like in this picture though. They stick out further which is actually what is going to prevent the rocks from hitting the sides of the truck.
  7. FYI - if you've owned Chevy trucks in the past or have over a certain mileage you can join Chevy truck legends and get a code for 20% off all accessories you purchase thru the dealer. I do this all the time, it's saved me alot of cash since I bought my truck
  8. Mine has a Superlift level/lift on it with the stock shocks and spacers. Since it's new I'm going to leave the existing ones on but the plan is to ride them until they are toast and then upgrade
  9. I suppose the fact that there are clips instead of 3M tape all the way across makes it easier to replace if there's an issue
  10. Thoughts on the GoRecon lightbar compared to this one? Also do you have to order the wiring kit seperately? Does the kit that is sold by Chevy include the wiring kit as it is based on VIN? Thanks!!
  11. Borla direct has not released the Sport version yet. The Chevy one is a milder tone than the soon to be released sport version from Borla direct. I'm waiting as the GM version is far too tone for my taste.
  12. Thanks for the info. was considering this add to my truck but am undecided right now.
  13. 29BH Grey Wolf travel trailer with my 2020 2500HD 6.6L gas, can hardly tell it's there.
  14. The UCA's do not hit the bump stops, that's the entire point of having them, they are fabricated in a manner so this does not happen. Have had on my truck for 4k miles now, no issues what so ever and it rides fine.
  15. Considering selling mine too - any advice on how much to ask for the pictured stock wheels and tires? 18" rims that came with the Alaskan package. Picture is from day it came in before I started making it mine.
  16. My camera is clear but the gridlines are off center which irritates the hell out of me yet dealer said there was nothing they could do about it
  17. 20% to match rear window - rear still looks slightly darker but 20% is darker than legal limit in CT but not so far below that the cops will bother you.
  18. I kept mine, actually have them on again now to try and keep my new rims from getting damaged in the crap NE weather
  19. Direct to the battery - it was really easy to wire. Smittybilt winch BTW
  20. 10725P - when I got mine I requested square light holes - the advertised one comes with round holes
  21. Just added the Putco Black lettering to the "CHEVROLET" on the front. Wasn't sure how I would like it but I like it alot. Only paid $42 so if I didn't like them I was just going to take them back off but I'm leaving them on
  22. I installed this on Sunday - no real impressions yet. Install was easy enough, looks really good, more space in the engine compartment. Haven't really noticed any big difference but hard to tell as truck already had loads of power. Will also be adding a Borla cat back exhaust but factory Borla is to tame, waiting on the Sport from Borla to be released
  23. Model sold by GM is close to the Borla sold Touring sound level, very mellow. This is direct from Borla - which is why I'm going to wait for Borla to release the Sport exhaust, can't imagine it will be much longer now.
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