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  1. Honestly love the sound of a bad ass exhaust, I just can't see ripping apart the existing welded setup. I did that when I got my last truck and it seemed like I was replacing exhaust parts often. I guess age has made me more frugal, LOL
  2. I put 35's on mine and according to the dash have still been getting 13+ mpg. Which would actually be better than I expected. Haven't done a paper math calc yet though.
  3. I use 303 Aerospace Protectant as recommended by the manufacturer. I like it. They actually recommend that you do not use Armor All.
  4. Cover - went with REV hard rolling cover - bought thru dealership so I could use my 20% off discount from Chevy Truck Legends
  5. It's not necessarily true that 35's will fit all the time though. These rims must be 20x9 - with relatively little offset. I have 20x10 with 35x12.5's on mine and trimming was required even with the 3" suspension lift. Had to trim the from anyway after putting the new bumper on - sits higher in the wheel well
  6. 2020 SIlverado 2500HD WT - Reg Cab Long Box 3" Superlift Suspenision Lift, 35x12.5 Kenda Klever tires, 20x10 Fuel Cleaver wheels, TrailReady Bumper, Smittybilt Winch and Hooks, Blackout emblems and black tailgate lettering, short antenna, Rev Tonneau cover, and tinted windows. Also have recon taillights on order and will add recon third brake light when available later this summer
  7. I have had the same radio issue - loose wiring is not the issue - I believe it may be something related to using the USB - unacceptable though, going to bring it in and have issue fixed by dealer - no excuse New: Had service appt. of course they couldn't replicate issue (hello it's random) - they did some software updates and sent me on my way - I will let you know if that resolves the issue - haven't driven it enough yet to tell
  8. I went 3 inch Superlift suspension lift so I could fit my 20x10's and 35x12.5's on. Offset is about what you are talking about. Just the amount I was looking for though. The 2500HD is so big a little offset makes a world of difference.
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