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  1. Is it raining when adaptive cruise falls?  I was recently in Orlando, Florida and had a Honda CR-V is a rental car.  It had adaptive cruise.  Ended up dealing with a few rainstorms that were heavy enough to cause adaptive cruise to stop working.


    My total experience with adaptive cruise so far has me glad I don't have it on my truck.  I doubt I'll ever purchase that option.

  2. First off, 30,5XX miles on my 2020 Trail Boss LT 6.2 with no engine problems. 


    Secondly, the problem isn't GM, but GM suppliers.  They somehow translate "sharpen your pencils" to mean "lower quality products at the price point GM is willing to pay for".  A lot of suppliers supply more than 1 automotive manufacturer.  One example is Bosch.  GM is honoring the warranty.  The issue is the supplier selling GM inferior products.

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  3. I think part of the issue is they're some electrical architecture differences between the 2019 and 2020.  I cannot remember off the top of my head everything, but I do believe there was a difference in the mirror wiring, which might explain why your buddies truck has a fair, but yours doesn't.  I hope somebody will come along shortly to explain things in detail.  In the meantime, that's the direction I'd start investigating.

  4. It will turn off even when the AC is on, just not as frequently as if the AC is off.  Your understanding of that was incorrect.  However, it should've come back on when you either released the brake peddle, or put the truck in P.  Sounds like there may be a "glitch".  Refreshed model tells me it's new.  It has been my experience with several GM's that "electrical gremlins" can exist after a few thousand miles.  In my experience, after you have 5,000 miles on the odometer they should not happen anymore, although I've had it occur at least once after the 5,000 mile mark (but not too far after that) with my 2020 Silverado and it (cross country drive, crossing down SB I-15 into Baker, CA, cruise control set while going downhill, ESC Traction Control, CEL, and limp mode) never repeated itself after that.


    If you'd like to avoid future possible occurrences you can just turn off auto start/stop when you get into the truck each time.  I think there's an aftermarket device you can buy to shut it off permanently, but I don't have any info on that. 

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  5. I did.  Puked it off a few months later.  It was scratching the paint on the bed side of the gap.  It also caused the bushing on the right side of the tailgate to crack and the tailgate would pop out on that side and prevent it from closing.  I ended up pulling it after a few months and replaced it with a weatherstripping I found on Retrax's website.

  6. On 4/6/2022 at 2:56 PM, Anon12345 said:


    I think you have it backwards.  Off road suspension is always set up softer for more flex, rancho's ride a lot softer than bilsteins do.  Bilsteins are so stiff that whenever i ride in a truck with them i feel every damn bump and it sends sharp pains in my lower back.  

    You're correct.  I misspoke.  On these trucks, the ride with the Ranchos is very bouncy.  Many people have switched over to Bilstein and love the improved ride quality.  I have the factory 18s on my Trail Boss with the 6.2 and have found the onroad handling to be bouncy.  Tires are at the factory recommended air pressure.

  7. On 3/2/2022 at 2:44 PM, Wiggums said:

    Goodness, that sucks. OP attacks others for dissing Chevrolet.. now this.. LOL. Pot calling kettle black, eh.

    Get your facts straight.  I didn't attack you for dissing GM.  I asked questions, and pointed out similar or bigger problems with Ford.  Many of which you didn't answer or acknowledge.  I presented facts.  You presented insults, such as calling people failures.  More evidence to support my claim is that you posted here simply to start problems.  Feel free to move along now. 

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  8. On 3/3/2022 at 1:42 PM, 2016 Sierra Owner said:

    I guess we'll never know the outcome from this as the OP did not get the overwhelming response from others that this was the dealers fault. Hopefully MVI was able to help him out again.

    Update has nothing to do with lack of response, but simply due to lack of something to update.  MVi is still silent, and the dealer is too.  Remember, GM wanted to charge the dealer $75 just to talk to them.  Dealer wanted to pass that cost on to me.  There was no guarantee there would be a fix after spending that money.  Dealer isn't willing to reach out to GM and explain the situation to see if they'd waive the fee.  This wasn't my fault in any way.  I wasn't aware of the issue until after the fact.

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