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  1. Your friend should've warned you about the forum rules for selling. There's a marketplace section, and you need a minimum of 50 posts to post a for sale thread there. With that said, I like the calipers. Might be something I do later in down the road. Maybe this summer while wife is out of country and I can drive her car while mine is getting worked on.
  2. I don't know what I'm missing here. Only holes I see in the bumper are parking sensors.
  3. BEWARE! New member joined 6 hours ago. Only 1 post so far.
  4. Instead of using Amazon, I recommend Rock Auto. You can do a search using the GM part number you have and it'll give you at least 1 result.
  5. Everybody's build is special. It's a reflexion of their individual uniqueness.
  6. Going through warranty repairs on my truck via dash camera (approved GM Accessory installed by dealership at time of sale so it carries vehicle warranty) isn't turning on. It's California, so this is a must. Dealership says GM won't approve loaners and rentals unless warranty issue is a drivability issue. My argument is it's a drivability issue. I can't drive it while they're repairing it. They still said no loaner for me. All 3 kids get to miss out on sports practices, tournaments, etc until I get my truck back. Also, dealership deleted the GM factory navigation upgrade to my truck via MVI. Navigation is a must, and Android Auto is giving me issues. They're working on getting it back via GM, but that's another reason why I'm without a vehicle. Lost while driving is definitely a drivability issue, right? Nonetheless, it's a stupid policy, and this is the first time I've ever not been provided a loaner or rental as a result of warranty repair.
  7. I know nothing, so take what I'm about to say with that knowledge in mind. Should've bought an Android OS phone, lol. Then you wouldn't have these problems.
  8. Casper, is that you? Are you still a friendly ghost?
  9. So a Tesla gets 30mpg, but costs much more to purchase than a 30mpg ICE? Is starting to make a little bit of sense to put a large inverter into a Chevy Trax and use it to power a house.
  10. I went for a drive tonight to get out of the house and away from my wife. She was driving me crazy all day. Hit the mountains east of San Diego, put to Julian. It wasn't the tires that bothered me. It was the fact I was in a truck. They don't handle sweepers like a Camaro. I think I need one now. Do you think the tires are quieter than the supercharger on the ZL1?
  11. Wtf is a Tim Hortons doing there? I think we have bigger issues than a semiconductor shortage. GM employees are drinking coffee that is likened to soaked dirty socks that got rung out and eating donuts that started out frozen. It might actually be time to bail on GM. Blame Canada (Southpark Movie reference).
  12. I recommend staying away from Rough Country. They are like the Walmart of trucks parts -- cheap, cheap, cheap.
  13. 330/570 is pretty good for any 3.0. That'll beat a 6.2 NA.
  14. With or without front camera? I may be interested in buying the part of the grille you didn't use.
  15. Iirc, only the NAPA Gold filters are made by Wix. Part numbers are pretty much the same, too.
  16. Comparing the 2.7T in the Cadillac to the T1s is no different than comparing a 6.2 in the a Corvette and T1. One revs higher, than the other. Iirc, the improvements in the 2.7T over the last couple of years in the T1s alone wasn't just in the bearings, etc. Cooling got improved, too. That's why GM has improved the towing ratings, too. And, anybody that's ever served in the military can tell you that "military grade" simply means the item that passed a couple tests well enough and is sold the cheapest to the military. I have a great example regarding the new M17/M18, but that's going off topic.
  17. Tennis ball? How about a 76 ball or Jack In The Box clown head?
  18. Wix's biggest selling point about a decade ago was that no NASCAR engine ever failed as a result of one of their filters. This was when Wix was a NASCAR sponsor. Not sure if they still are, and not sure if that statement remains true.
  19. Did this thread warp into one that belongs in the marketplace subforum?
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