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  1. Greetings all. Today 103degrees waited 4 sun to go down. Earler i disconnected the "computer" to check connections looked good. Fired up noticeable improvement. Dug out the old OTC obd1 scanner. Data strean map volts +- .5 volt. Injector pulse kina bouncy computer compensating. So i ran it at 1500 rpm for 30 40 minutes. Very hot inside a van. . the map volts settled +- .2. Injector pulse fair ly steady. She is puuuring now🛠. My conclusion is super low miles61000 (500) last year. The old girl was carboned up particularly on intake valves. Thanks 2 all gm truckers who replied.
  2. 'll MThanks so much for replies and help. Tomorrow. I will check tbi spray. And a good drive. I will keep alll posted. Fyi. I am having problems with profile as. I whave no face nor do i tweet
  3. I could see it if you were pulling a load. For daily driver ??? . The 90s were about corprate fuel economy numbers and emissions . If its a 4l60 maybe a trans shift kit would improve shift pattern and power .
  4. Thanks 4 reply. I replaced cap rotor wires plugs. Low milage 61000...500 last year. Just bought it. Kinda think its a dribiling injector. Or distibuter pickup. It had the corrosion virus on the coil wire to cap. Im going to give it a good freeway run tomorrow may be carbon on valves. Mite have to dig out more diagnostic stuff .
  5. Greetings all. I have a1992 g3500 5.7. At idle and steady rpm she runs ok but has slight misfires not any one cylinder kinda like popcorn popping . Could it be a dripping injector (tbi)? 61000 miles. Fresh fuel . Good tune up. Whats the best way to see tbi spray pattern?
  6. Greetings. I believe the carrier split is 4.11 check some web vendors. If memory correct. New gears need pinion depth shiming with a tool and measuring. Used gears have shims allreay set and on pinion. You will need carrier shims to set backlash. Just a new crush sleve done it b4. Have you tried manually shifting the trans to see if acceleration improves.. Are your tires taller than stock? Lowering overall ratio.🛠
  7. Greetings Sanchez 85. That looks like a R4 compressor. Changed a lot of them they dont really have an oil reservoir like most ac compressors. They get oil carried in the freon A 134 convert uses pag oil r12 used mineral oil they dont mix the mineral oil just parks in the system and doesnt move. There is a chance the R4 will be under lubed. If you have the system open again replace accumulater add several ounces of pag oil. Farmer vacuum pump if system empty= power brake hose.
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