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  1. I like the Bose. It took some time to break in but I like it. I don’t know why people complain about the bass, I think it’s pretty solid! I wouldn’t mind the kicker sub but I don’t want to pay the $$$. so yeah I think it’s worth it.
  2. Sorry to hijack this but related... does anyone else find that the steering wheel is skinnier than those on FCA and Ford vehicles? I feel like it takes some getting used to. I miss the indents for your fingers too lol.
  3. I like the style of wheel you have (and I have) better. Maybe get some black covers for them or have them powder coated?
  4. Does anyone ever hit the start button and it doesn’t take on the first try?
  5. I think 2x 21mm or a socket and an open wrench If I remember right.
  6. The shocks come with straps on them that you leave until installed but they weren’t compressed enough. I couldn’t get enough strength to do it laying down, you might have better luck.
  7. I didn’t use a lift. I crawled under. But I had to use a lift to compress them to bolt the bottoms. The boot goes on the TOP. The sticker should be able to be read. I didn’t use a torque wrench. Just tightened tight.
  8. How did you get out of a lease? Did the 2019 have issues? Side Note: Your lease payment is $732??
  9. Picked these up off eBay for about $20. Good quality and easy to install. Hopefully they hold up.
  10. So last night Metallica had a concert in drive in theaters. I parked between a newer F150 and old F150. First off I got compliments on the truck. Second, being a drive in, you have to listen via FM. We all backed in and sat in our beds. The other two had their front doors open and the radio cranked. So I did the same. The Bose did a great job at 85% volume. It almost sounds better the louder it gets. The ford guys complimented the sound. Yeah it’s not a super amazing system but doors open, sitting in the bed, cranked up, it sounded pretty damn good for us and our parked neighbors! I wish it had more of a soundstage and definition but it’s good enough that I don’t want to mess with aftermarket. In this situation it was perfect!
  11. Haha yep. My wife noticed too. She hated that she couldn’t put her makeup on in the truck. “It seems so much smoother now”.
  12. Haha me either. With the rears the only tips I have are to install with the logo right side up so you can read it looking at it. So the boot guards are UP. The other thing is that they come with belts so they are compressed out of the box which you leave on until you install, but they weren’t compressed enough. I didn’t jack the truck up I just crawled under, bolted the top on, used my jack to compress the shock, line it up and bolt the bottom. Let me know how it goes.
  13. You won’t be disappointed. Are you fairly handy with cars?
  14. I’m no expert. I did the rears first because it was easy to do myself and pretty cheap. No it’s not like a pogo stick at all. The front doesn’t bounce nearly as much as the rear, I assume due to all the engine/etc weight plus the people in the cab. The rear bounced so much because it’s empty. I could easily drive the truck like this for good. I just want the fronts done because I like a firmer ride. If you have even ever noticed the rear bounce and thought you didn’t like it, buy these shocks and put them in. It’s a no brainer. Just putting the rears in, is an improvement no doubt. Doing fronts and rears would just be icing on the cake.
  15. Yeah I notice it on the highway. The only way I can describe it is more “planted”. The rear used to feel “loose” on the highway even when not going over bumps. The whole truck just drives smoother. It’s feels more “balanced”. Now when I go over a bump though or pothole, the front hops for a second then the rear just feels like a car. It’s not hopping all over the place like stock.
  16. Doing just the rear made quite a bit of difference. My truck bed is always empty so I got a lot of hop. I want the fronts too but for now, doing the tears alone was well worth it. The whole truck drives better. I’ve been putting 38psi in my tires and with the new rear shocks the truck drives really really good!
  17. 5' 11" 205lbs. I love the size of the truck but really struggling with the seats being so narrow, my thighs and back hurt. I'm going to see if a shop can add more foam.
  18. I have wood grain pieces for the doors and center console.
  19. Nice! I can't wait to get the fronts done. Just the rears alone are such a huge improvement!
  20. Haha yeah that’s not something I want to attempt. Does it handle better with the fronts done? Or do you mostly notice better ride quality?
  21. These are what I used and where I ordered. https://www.bilsteinlifts.com/shop/chevy-gmc/silverado-1500/2019/bilstein-0-1-rear-lift-shocks-for-2019-chevy-silverado-1500-4wd/
  22. Ha ha I think my wife will notice too! I didn’t even tell her about them but she noticed how bouncy it was when I got it. Did you have someone install the fronts? That’s not at-home weekend mechanic type job like the rears right?
  23. I’m 100% happy with them! It’s pretty rare I’m 100% happy with anything lol. Shouldn’t your 2020 use the same as mine unless it’s a TB?
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