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  1. I purchased a B&W MultiPro Stow & Go hitch (TS20067BMP) that is made for this tailgate. I set the height of the ball to work with all my trailers. I love it.
  2. Did the same for my 2021 GMC HD and it fixed it! Thanks!
  3. Love mine too. Carbon black exterior with the walnut interior really looks nice and I'm glad I got it. I struggled deciding due to not being able to see one in person rather than just pictures. I've had unsolicited compliments on it and wouldn't hesitate getting it again.
  4. I agree. Seems like I have to smash the brakes to stop even when not pulling a trailer.
  5. I use the B&W goose ball (TruckProUSA B&W GNXA2061) and it works great. This is with the factory hitch.
  6. I rated my 2500 at 10k GVWR to allow me to pull a 16K trailer without a CDW license.
  7. I ordered a 2500 Denali with the 5th wheel package. I preferred a factory install since it'll come sealed and undercoated. I've had a dealer installed 5th wheel and comparing them both really like the factory install. I'd wait for the 2500 for this and the ride as others have commented.
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