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  1. carkhz316: I guess this was the cause. In the ten years I have owned this truck, this has never happen with a bulb was burnt out, so I didn't even suspect that to be the cause. I guess I should have check there first. I am now a little more concerned as I remember just changing this same bulb a few months ago. I did a close inspection of the socket and found it to have a good amount of rust on the contact points. I spent of time to clean them up and replaced the bulb. Seems to have resolved the issue, but I am going to keep on eye on it to see if it happens again, or if this bulb goes out again in a few months. Also, since I left it out of the initial post, it's a 2004 Silverado LS 1500.
  2. Recently the right turn signal will stay lit on my center console, and eventually I'll get a message saying "Turn signal on". This only happens with the lights are on (or in auto mode and it's dark out). If I push my hazards, it will turn it off, but only for a minute or so. Is this possibly the flasher relay? Thanks.
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