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  1. Sorry to bump an old topic, but I'm checking in on here for the pitman groove question and also want to make sure I'm good with my upper arm control arms. I'm doing a 13 piece replacement on my steering/front end suspension for the 2004 Sierra 2500HD SLT I picked up a couple weeks ago. Looking to do: (2) Tie Rod End outer Moog ES3609 (2) Tie Rod End inner Moog ES3488 (2) Lower Ball Joints Moog K6693 (2) Sway Bars Moog K80631 (1) Idler Arm Moog K6535HD (1) Idler Arm Bracket K6723 I'm thinking the Pitman Arm is the Moog K6654HD (3 spline). It seems most are 3 groove for the 2500HD. Like the OP said, I can always order both but would rather not. Secondly, I'm looking to do the Upper Control Arms with Ball Joints using Moog CK620053. The truck does have a lift to it (standard sized tires) but it's not much of a lift (I'd have to go look but it's probably just a minimal 4" (it may be 6"...hard to tell, I'm short so I have to clamber in regardless of height). It appears that the CK620053 would work well with a little lift since there is an extra 2 degrees of camber adjustment. Would love any thoughts or feedback. Also, any other parts other than the Idler Arm and Pitman Arm that I should consider for the HD? I keep looking over the list and am going cross-eyed making sure I'm ordering the right parts. Thank you, in advance, for the help!
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