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  1. Had Toyo rt on my f150....rode great for an aggresive tire and treadwear was great
  2. I just installed the 5100s on my 20 silverado and set them at 2" and added a 1 inch block in the rear....left me with about 1/2" of rake...i ordered the blocks off ebay...came with u bolts and was about $45...if you're gonna do it yourself i can walk you through it....took me about 3 hrs
  3. Just installed the fronts last night myself....if anyone wants to tackle it theirselves and needs some advice, shoot me a message and ill help as much as i can
  4. Holy chit!!! I was thinking no more than about $300 for the front plus whatever for the alignment....figured it shouldnt take a shop no more than a couple hrs
  5. Whats everyone paying to have their fronts put on?
  6. Anyone running their fronts at the highest setting (2.5 in)? Is so did you add a block to the back?
  7. Is anyone running a ranch hand or similiar grill gaurd? Just traded my f150 for a silverado the other week and missing my fab fours bumper but thinking about replacing with a ranch hand or something similar. Post pics please
  8. New silverado owner and just ordered the 5100's for my truck....wondering if anyone has installed them yet and what setting you have them on
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