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  1. Lol I guess so! Your install is clean. Well done! I'll take some close up pics. of mine tomorrow. These are the Raptor LED's I used. https://www.ebay.com/p/2310908778 Looks like the smoked ones I used are sold out.
  2. No. I had always thought it is a great spot to add some light. I did see your post and it inspired me to get going on mine. Yours turned out great by the way. I didn't wire mine up to the turn signals yet! Not sure if I will. The lights I bought have a 3 wire connection. So you can run them as parking lights or add a brighter turn signal flash or just a brighter light. I wired up the dimmer parking light for now. The lights have 2 mounting holes, top and bottom. I used a couple zip ties and drilled a small hole in the plastic of the bottom vent and looped the top around one of the horizontal slats in the vent. ( I'll take some close up pics.. of how I mounted them tomorrow) They aren't going anywhere. I then just tapped in to the wiring I had previously ran for the Raptor lights. These are the lights I used. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0814M7DJS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_A0VBZ3JNT8R9QZ5HTR0N
  3. Your probably right, but honestly...how many people who buy Raptors and the TRX will use it to its full potential? Most owners of these trucks that I know have never even been off road with them. The ones that do, and the trails they take them on could easily be done in myTrail Boss. The majority of people that have them use them as mall cruisers.
  4. To me this is perfect for a non leveled or lifted trail boss. I also have an 06 silverado lifted that I was running 315/70/17's (35's). The truck has 4.10 gears and ran well with them. I dropped down to 285/70/17's (33's) this past fall, and I couldn't believe how much power I lost running the 35's! The truck is so much more responsive now. I will never go back to the 35's. That is the main reason I won't go bigger than a 275/70/18 on my trail boss. I don't want to lose the power!
  5. Yup. I have that same noise. Not sure what it is but it was definitely muffled by the stock exhaust. It goes away when it warms up.
  6. So here is a side by side of my 2020 trail boss with the Moto Fab 1" leveling kit. Pic on the left is with it installed and the right is stock. I had mine on for 5,000 miles and zero issues.Although the angles don't look that bad and the joints were still rock solid when I took the spacers out. I removed it today because I don't want to take a chance of the uca ball joint failing and I personally don't mind the rake. I know they pounded the snot out of a stock trail boss on the TflTruck channel on YouTube with no problems in 15,000 miles. I would much rather have the reliability!
  7. Leading up to the failure of the ball joint, did you notice any knocking sound or weird play in the steering?
  8. Without doubt they have better angles and look like really nice quality pieces. I also am running the Moto Fab 1 inch leveling kit on my 2020 trail boss and am trying to justify spending another $500 for new UCA's and an alignment again. I don't think the angles are that bad with only the 1" kit, but I could be wrong. I will check my ball joints from time to time and see if I can feel any play in them. So far I have a little over 5,000 miles on mine and no issues at all. Here are a couple pics. of the angles after the lift.
  9. Honestly, when I zoom in on those pics. I see a lot of dirt and grime in the socket and all around the ball that looks like it may have been there a while. Those should be extremely clean and lubricated. It seems to me you may have unknowingly ripped the boot on the ball joint when you installed the leveling kit causing dirt to get in the joint and grind it apart.
  10. Here is mine with a 1" moto fab lower strut spacer and the stock uca's. I have 5,000 miles on mine with no issues. With this setup I still have 3/4" of rake.
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