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  1. Blocked fuel filter? <Confused> I have had my S&B on for one year and can tell you it does ONE thing. It makes 1/3 to full throttle louder. Zero MPG increase and possibly a loss of a 10th in the 1/4. (I need to do more side-by-side testing). Last year I was running 13.9 @97mph with the stocker. This year I ran a 14.0@95. Only things changed were the CAI and I removed the 97mph speed limiter. Figured that might knock off a 10th.. but I never got up to that speed. Will be doing a side by side set of passes in a few weeks. I cannot recall ambient temps on the day I went last year
  2. For what it's worth, the light is only visible if you're looking for it... in the dark. That said, from Chevy's page for the LT: Chrome center bar, bumpers and mirror caps 8-inch diagonal color touch-screen display 17-inch Bright Silver painted-aluminum wheels LED headlamps with LED signature daytime running lamps Dual-zone automatic climate control 10-way power driver seat including power lumbar Heated driver and front passenger seats Leather-wrapped steering wheel Heated steering wheel Manual tilt/telescoping steering column 2 charge-only USB ports for second row (Crew Cab) Rear-window defogger Auxiliary power outlet Keyless Open and Start Remote Start Content theft alarm Front 40/20/40 split-bench with under-seat storage LED cargo area lighting Trailering Package – trailer hitch, 7-pin and 4-pin connectors, and Hitch Guidance†
  3. If you came close to hitting a semi truck, you were relying on the system too much. /theend
  4. Sounds like WT trim? I thought that came on everything. To the OP, I have a blinking light on my 2020's dash
  5. Detonation doesn't usually happen at idle. Things like hot ambient air or climbing a hill (putting load in the engine) will cause it. I would look elsewhere
  6. Just get it done.. it'll be forced on you eventually
  7. Same here! Only took a new engine at ~3,000 miles
  8. Going to be 3rd party. I see a few online but this guy has a vijayo of it
  9. Don't bother IMHO I'm running an S&B which is even less restrictive with zero issues.
  10. The short answer is, not without breaking out your wallet and spending more than having it installed at the factory. It would require a new bumper, sensors, possibly a wiring harness and programming. Pretty sure this would be in the BCM but the only guys programming that haven't added this to the list
  11. Apologize for not seeing this till now. I am an unfortunate one with a Viofo but I have seen the quality of the Blackvue in person and why I recommended it over the Viofo. Everything looks pretty similar. Adhesive to mount to the windows (make sure you stay OFF the defogger wires) and from their page, looks like nothing additional needed. You'll need a constant and switched power. I'm in bed so can't look at which fuses I used but if I recall correctly, I found a couple double blade spots for them. A bit of searching on here should net you the same results I found
  12. I have my butler travel in the back to open and close it for me
  13. Do you have a dashcam by chance? In particular Viofo with the rear? This is a known issue
  14. I know there's likely some tuning done in the piping itself but I would bet that there's not a ton of difference
  15. I would totally do it if it were close by and well, if I had the dizzel. My guess is they want to see how it performs in real world over time.
  16. I'm going to jinx myself here but I had a V1 back in the day and ended up with a few tickets here and there. Put it away about 8 years ago and even with my lead foot, haven't nabbed a single ticket. I won't say how fast I go on a daily basis, but it's over the point of a speeding ticket alone. What do I use? Waze and my eyeballs. It's like having a CB asking about smokies but with 100s of thousands of users Just my 2 pennies... YMMV
  17. I was going to suggest a turret with a Barrett Model 82 since it's obvious he lives in a real rough part of town... but decided that might be against his complex's rules.
  18. I would not recommend the GM. You want 4k (8mp) .. Now, the Viofo A129 Pro has a great picture but the rear cam messes with your TPMS. So, it's only good for the front. For that reason, I'd recommend the Blackvue DR900X if you need front and rear. If you can live without the rear, the Viofo is a damned great camera for the buck.
  19. Do you plan on keeping it till it rots to the ground? Run 93. If it's a lease or otherwise turned over in 4 years or so? Do as you wish. While running reg or mid etc will be "ok" for awhile, it will bring more wear. Some may disagree and that's OK to be wrong. I know GM says it can be done but I've heard nothing but issues with pinging. Even in the slightest.. say.. imperceptible to the ear, it does create a longevity issue.
  20. It's a diesel... it could pull a 100 year old redwood out of the ground but 0-60 and quiet... oh and no "funk"? Not so much; wasn't what it was designed for. It's a working man's truck, not a caddy That said, you could get a ton of power out of them IF you wanted to spend the money to build the motor AND trans.
  21. I have never once added anything to any diesel. Shocked you had issues with the 7.3. While a very noisy engine, it doesn't even truly break-in until 400k miles. Replaced the injectors once but all I can think about really
  22. If there is, what's the price difference vs risk? HP Tuners has been doing them awhile. From what I have seen, it means ripping open the ECU and ungluing parts. Not something I'd just let any shade tree mech do
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