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  1. I’m located in Dallas,TX. As the title states looking to trade my chrome front/rear bumpers and grille for the black painted versions. Text me at 469-888-0122
  2. 2018 Silverado Crew cab LT 5.3L 2WD (L83 Gen5) w/ 4L80E. 2.5 leveling kit, TB spacer, Airaid MIT w/ K&N, modded airbox reduction baffle removed, factory muffler/exhaust valve deleted (kept em resonator). Black bow ties, reduced plastic, de-badged, removed door molding... -48,****** total miles -Last change 32,000k (2 full in cycles oil life and 1.25QT of oil consumed in 16k miles ). Chevy would say that’s totally normal. My gti rabbit with a turbo ate less every 20K miles. -8.25 QT’s 0w-20 STP synthetic dexos approved. I no longer use the dipstick as it is useless and produces metal shaving when used. -STP extended life filter (beware rejection valve ratio and flow parameters isn’t close to spec. With COVID Had me ballIng on a tight budget for a minute and happened to be the only option included in the oil change bundle I got sucked into. For real no lie my oil pressure had never been anything but steady 20-60 idle/heavy load then just over 40 psi cruising. It’s as low 8-10 psi at idle and pegs out 80+ Under load. -NOTE as ^ PF63E is cheaper than most $6 walmart/$3 rockauto the dual stage high volume oil pump will thank you. Thicker weight oils/back pressure (improper flow ratios) will wear the pump out. Wix and Amsoil work well too. -Pulled all 8 spark plugs for safe measure with L83 piston rings lands quietly failing. All had uniform wear and dry free of oil. November I’m goIng to risk it for the brisket cherry picking the L83 to complete DOD/AMF delete, cam/springs etc./ lifters/ pushrods, plug wires/ new plugs, speed engineering long tubes w/ y pipe/O2 extensions and wideband, MRBP mid side exit 3 cat back, drive shaft loops, 160 thermo, 6.2L TB/Manifold. Oil will be drained for build, good forward I plan on frequently changing both within 3-5k it will all be hard driven “cheap insurance”.
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