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  1. i own a black Custom 2500, and went with it over a LT because I liked the exterior so much. BUT if you want leather, or especially steering wheel controls or a console. DON'T get a Custom. Just pay upfront for that stuff from the factory and save yourself the headache. Then paint to match the bumpers, grill etc.
  2. how are you liking the duramax over the gasser?
  3. the 6.6 gas motor is leaps and bounds better than the old 6.0. I would go drive one if you have not. If you need/prefer a diesel, it's an easy decision. Otherwise I would go with the gas and the higher trim level for sure.
  4. I went with a hard rolling cover and i am really liking it. Can do it with one hand, and still utilize the full bed, and not block the back window!
  5. Bump, where did you purchase the console if you dont mind?
  6. Anyone running 17" and 37"s with a leveling kit? I know most run 20's.
  7. I've been wanting to do this too. Hate that blank plastic piece. Do the GMC's have a badge for the gas motor similar to the duramax badge? Wonder if it would work on the Chevy hood.
  8. Picked up my 2020 Custom last Friday. Had the dealer swap the console for the LT opening center console and install Amp steps. Waiting on a hard rolling bed cover to arrive. Trying to hold off leveling and wheels/tires for a bit and just drive it!
  9. I'm picking up a black Custom this week. Picking it up with the center console lid swapped for an opening one and a bed cover from the dealer. Let's see your Custom and what you've done to the INTERIOR and exterior!
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