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  1. Besides the fact that this car is more than 40 years old, it looks really awesome. I don't think it is a very practical car, because back then 7 liter engines were not as powerful as a today 7 liter, but those engines are really strong enough to last so long, and you can be sure that you won't stuck in the middle of the road with this engine. Of course, this truck can no more used in agriculture or in other industrial fields, because it is too old, and if you want a new working equipment better take a look on https://www.equipmentradar.com
  2. I have always wanted a dog and so when I grew up I decided to adopt one. I wanted to offer him the best conditions to live and I was also thinking a lot about how to name it. I found the best names for gray dogs which helped me a lot to make the right choice for him. I try to feed him with the best food products created for dogs. I was thinking of buying him some new toys because he is full of joy and he is literally destroying some of his toys by eating them.
  3. Well, Chevy is doing such moves every time, starting with Equinox and finishing with Silverado models. Actually, they did what you guys wrote here, and in my opinion they will repeat this history again this year with the new Tahoe. The industrial automation era has already come to our earth, and if we look around us, almost everything is automatized, starting with cars assembly and finishing with other industries. In less than 40 years, I am sure that machines will replace human almost in every possible field.
  4. Hello, I guess that you listen to music via Apple music app? Because as far as I remember when you tell Siri to play a certain song, it opens the album cut, which contains only that song, and it put that song on reply every time you tap next song button. Correct me if I am wrong, if not, than you have to change your music subscription plan. There are a lot of different new apps that you can use instead of Apple music. You have just to make a search on the internet.
  5. I can't wait till the pandemic is over and we will finally be able to occupy stadiums from all other the country. I am a big fan of NFL and I am tired of watching games online, I miss that atmosphere, that feeling when see everything in front of your face, when you hear people screaming and praying for their favorite team to win. It is awesome and I hope it will happen soon. I've read on https://drudge-report.net/tips-for-nfl-game-day/ that there already is a set of rules that people will have to follow if they want to attend a match.
  6. Hey, good question. Actually I play a lot of games, starting with FPS and finishing with different RPG and strategies that can be ran on my computer. Unfortunately because of my job, I don't have too much time for games, but when I do, I usually play GTA online, Doom, or Civilization. Those are the games I played last month. But I found an article on inversegamer.com about destiny 2 some days ago, and I want to download it on my computer in this weekend. Hope I will like the game, because it seems to be really interesting.
  7. Don't see useful advices guys !:) Let's make everything to become rubbish, ha-ha! Can't find videos regarding the truck on YouTube, hmm. But will agree with others that this forum is a challenging thing. You can get advices and just make everything worse, but this is how we learn and find out new things. It’s just experience and practice that we all need. My son few weeks ago made me a present on BD, new best welding helmet have seen so far. Never knew they could look so solid and cool. Amazing, for me, it was very important to see such details taken in consideration, by those who are stuck to their phones 20/24 hours per day.
  8. Yeah, I had a mower similar to that one and it worked like a charm, but I got it second hand from an acquaintance and it didn’t last very long. I had two acres that I needed to maintain, but after that just decided to sell that land and start a gardening project in my backyard.I started looking up various tools like lawn mowers that I would need and was getting increasingly confused by all the different models meant for different tasks. I searched online for various tips that would help me decide and found the best cordless weed eater that is doing a very good job of maintaining my garden.
  9. All these accidents give everyone a lot of stress. It doesn’t matter if you are guilty, or you just had to suffer after this, the pain persists. Well, if you are adequate and mentally normal. I see a lot of you are looking for some support and you can’t deal with such problems. You can find a lot of good information on https://www.actionlegalgroup.com/car-accident-injuries/ because they deal with the hardest cases related to car accidents injuries.
  10. I want to recommend you a great method of making the atmosphere nicer and more comfortable. I have installed in my backyard a cheap gazebo and also there are some gazebo lights that I enjoy turning on every evening. After a hard day of work, obviously that I am tired and I like going in my backyard and just sit there for a rest. I will leave you the link here so you may enjoy too https://windproofgazebos.com/gazebo-lights/ .
  11. As far as I know GM navigation system isn’t as best as they describe it. It works slower if compared to other navigation systems and it is not updated since 2016 if I am right. That is why I recommend you to search for other navigation systems available on the market. It is not as easy as you think, and to make your job easier you can check Satnavdebate.co.uk. Here you will find reviews for the best satellite navigation systems you could buy, take your chances and visit this website, I am sure you won’t be disappointed.
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