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  1. No more loans for, especially at the pandemic time. In February took a loan for my computer, and it’s very expensive, after seconds month I called them telling that president of our country made a decree that in the time of pandemic all loans are in a state of hibernation, and moved from month to month until pandemic is over. They replied with an “yes” and after four months of my ignorance I got penalties. This firm is private, not a bank and had two to pay two computers besides mine, with penalties growing. Now I need a house but no loans this time I’m going to Mortgage Broker Newcastle .
  2. Yes, nice looking, and not hard to make it by yourself if 3d printing is present of course. Will send later photos of my new safe deposit that will be located in my garage. Something similar with John’ Wick, but there will be no weapons. I have some precious things and wanted a unique deposit. Paid money for the virtual project and unlocking mechanism is very different from standard ones. This company 3erp.com are the ones to create it. I’m really excited that in two weeks will arrive at my house and will hide on an underground level. We all know these days you need to protect things that are valuable.
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