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  1. Here it is after install, looks so much better! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Ok but if you went with the upper strut spacer, how did it mess with the CV boot? Or it was strictly just from the install?
  3. Hey guys I know this topic is covered a TON but I haven't seen much outside of AT4/TB on the rough country leveling kits. I'm installing it on my 21' Z71 non-TB this weekend (spacer on top of strut). I'm curious to see pics if anyone has installed this kit on a regular 4wd or z71 so please share. Any issues anyone has ran into?
  4. Getting ready to install this kit after the holidays. Anybody run into issues with it?
  5. any issues with the readylift level? Trying to decide between readylift bottom spacer or the rough country top spacer.
  6. So what are the issues with the ReadyLift level at the bottom of the strut? I was thinking of getting that one.
  7. Looking for some all white tail lights like this, anyone know where to get them?
  8. Yea Discount told me $110 to send mine out to do them, rebalance and mount. Which is a good deal, but somebody warned me the company they send them to does shotty work so there could be impurities when I get them back (bubbles, bumps, chips, etc.)
  9. I know I was asking if anyone had pics of Silverado wheels. Those look badass tho! Prob better than the stock Silverado wheels blacked out. Wouldn't mind those AT4's on mine.
  10. Can i find these tips in black? looking to replace the chrome squares for these.
  11. Yea I mainly just want them for the better look in the back, but not if they cause a bunch of road noise
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