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  1. I think i'm going to take the approach of the Access video using the clips below to attach some U channel bar for the Weather Guard clamp to bite onto. Instead of the bed lenght rail that the tonneau covers use, it will be about 18-20" of U channel bar on the inside of the bed rail. Anyone done this yet? Access video Install rail for Tonneau cover Clips
  2. I've asked these Access guys about a shorter 90 degree rail that the Weather Guard mounting clamps could bite on to. In the video below you'll see you don't have to drill into the bed, but just the top liner. Then there are pre made holes to fix brackets to mount a rail. Seems like one of these cover manafacturers would be interested in adding that to their accessories to mount a tool box. Alot of good info in the tonneau topic below as well. WeatherGuard said they don't have anything available for the carbonpro bed. Access video Install rail for Tonneau cover https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/226761-tonneau-cover-for-carbonpro/
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