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  1. Agreed BIGDOGx. Sucks. I have an image of a few extra parts laying around that never made it back into the truck. I hope I am wrong. Next will be an exit strategy. Back in the truck a week. Runs good so far, but it doesn't feel like my old truck. I found one molding clip in the bed of the truck. Who knows where it goes. As long as the MFer doesn't leave me stranded again I will be ok. 1st world problems.
  2. That looks like the same area, just a zip tie on the heat shield (foil) on my truck. Thank you for this.
  3. Truck is done. Took it for a drive and performed a quick inspection. I found a few issues under the hood. Loose coolant res bolt, firewall grommet not set, and a possible missing bracket. Can someone please post a photo of the passenger side of their 3.0 so I can compare?
  4. New long block arrived last Friday with the fuel system attached. Everything else needs to be swapped over. The technician working on it seems like a good dude and I feel bad for him. I hope he isn't losing too much money on this job. The old engine had piston #3 jump into the valves. No words.
  5. October 2020 is build date. Dropped in today to check things out. Looks like the bed is full of underhood pieces. So far cylinder #3 low compression is the reason given for engine R&R. Waiting on parts to come in.
  6. Truck needs a new engine. First time having a dealer installed new engine in 36 years of vehicle ownership. Also, my first American truck purchase. Irony. Engine should arrive next week from MI. I feel the wrong engine oil was added at the dealer, but invoice states oil part # 19370138. No reason given for the engine failure. &:$;$;&;&4/@&£_£|€~^}+#£<<£_=[!,!,?>]^
  7. Not yet. I found a 2500 gasser similar to my 1500. I need seating for 6. MSRP 58k, but I am sure it will sell before my case is done.
  8. Exit stage right and Encore Test drove a 2500 SLT DURAMAX which was very nice with a $12k mark up.
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