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  1. Added the TOW-PRO ELITE ELECTRIC BRAKE CONTROLLER, and put the knob in the factory blank location. It is better than the factory unit IMHO. I would post photos, but she is at the dealer sitting on ice. Very easy install.
  2. Day 3, charge air cooler pump is bad. Part might be available next week or the week after. It is not recommended to drive with this problem. Picked up a loaner Acadia SLT 2.0T. We will see how long this takes.
  3. Day 2, dealer calls to say a temp sensor lost communication with ECM. It is most likely due to wire chafing. They ask if I want a rental car paid for by GMC. *uck yeah I want a rental Spark!
  4. Lol^ Truck just got admitted. I will hear something in 5 hours or so.
  5. Thanks for your help Appointment is set with the dealer. Hopefully this isn't a sign of future fun. I feel like the forum is giving me a hint.
  6. 2021 3.0 LM2 CEL U026F & U1345 OBDII codes were pulled after a CEL, and I am ready to trade it in. The truck has 14,****** miles.
  7. Wow! Congratulations on the new engine. Not a good sign for longevity. My truck just got a CEL yesterday at 14k miles. I'm ready to trade it in.
  8. Pull some fuses, add a club, and hopefully the thieves don't tow your vehicle. If GMC can't put a locking gas cap or fuel filler door on these trucks I suspect their keyless entry software is crap. Sad to see this. It's crazy out here.
  9. This procedure was completed. It took 5 minutes and a $100.00 was presented. One guy mentioned they have another program that pays $100s for them to keep your vehicle at their facility to run it on a roller. https://www.automotivetesting.com/
  10. Be more aggressive with a pry bar and pop that plastic harness holder up and out of the way. It will go back into place and stay when you are done. It does seem like you are going to break something, but it should hold up well.
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