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  1. @calgator73 That worked also! Thanks for the help. Guess I am learning these new vehicles can't be wired the way they used to be. Appreciate all the help.
  2. Thanks @calgator73 that was the issue! Can't believe it will not keep it on, hardly any power for the bigger LED light. Now I need to figure out how to add maybe a small battery to the trailer to connect it to with a relay that will charge the battery also. Trailer is single axle with no electric brakes.
  3. Thank you. I will try to mess with it this weekend and try that.
  4. Ok I use the light test on the truck and the reverse lights on my trailer turn on then off after about 1-2 seconds. When I place the truck in reverse same thing. I have 4 tiny LED reverse lights and 1 18" LED light bar on the back of my trailer. I have tried using adapters that have resistance. Trailer came with 4 wire plug, I made it a 5 wire plug to have reverse lights on the trailer. Worked fine on my 2013 Suburban. No fuse is blown as they go on then right back off after 1-2 seconds. Trailer is all LED lights and every other light function on it works. Any help is appreciated.
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