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  1. You’ve been so helpful thank you, so is what all would I need ?
  2. It turns 1250rpms at 63 mph it will really aggravate you any recommendations, it downshift if you give it any gas and if your going up a slight incline. I’ve never heard anyone have this problem so I’m really lost
  3. I carried it and got it tuned change speedometer but didn’t fix transmission problem, I guess change gearing?
  4. Thank you for the feedback, I will get it tuned and let you know, thanks so much
  5. So is there something I need to order or carry it to get it tuned somewhere? Or just change the gears?
  6. I carried it to a shop and they hooked the computer up and they said they stopped making it where you can change the tire size in the computer, with the 6 speed automatic so I’m at a lose i don’t know what to do any suggestions?
  7. I put 35s on my 2013 tahoe and it shift fine and everything except when it shifts into overdrive it seems to only be turning 1200 rpms and it will drop down a gear and will go back into overdrive, this did not happen until I put the tires on it.
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