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  1. Thanks again for the response my man. I found the correct sensor and it definitely fits the connector. Sorry to play 21 questions, but what do I need to remove that engine plug? Looks like some sort of bit, but I honestly cannot tell for sure. I only have a small amount of tools, and very few bits and none of them seemed remotely close to fitting in there. Do you or anyone else by chance know what size bit I need to remove it? Sorry, don't have the money to be buying more tools currently and would prefer to just go buy 1 that will fit properly.
  2. Again really appreciate the information. Does anyone by chance know the part#? I’ve tried asking at the local parts store about that sensor and they all seem to have no idea what I’m talking about, which I find strange. All they seem to have it the one that’s on top of the motor.
  3. If anyone else has input on this I’d definitely appreciate it!
  4. Thanks for the response! I replaced the sensor on the driver side head that is between the cylinders, but I was informed that is a knock sensor? That’s where I’m getting confused, does anyone have a picture of the area for the sensor? I added a picture of the sensor I replaced, again was informed it was a knock sensor. what am I missing? Haha.
  5. Good day everyone, I’ve got a 94 gmc k1500 4x4 with the 4.3L v6. I’m getting zero reading on my dash for coolant temperature, while the other gauges work fine. I have replaced the coolant temperature sensor ( up by the thermostat) and still nothing. Any ideas from any GM gurus? Should I possibly reset battery and see? Or can someone help me troubleshoot this? Any tips help! any input would be appreciated. and yes, I have read other posts regarding this but haven’t found what seems to be 100% accurate to my specific rig, thanks!
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