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  1. Yes, I think that is the blinking issue which I have reluctantly learned to live with. It's the check trailer wiring alert that I can't deal with and I'm asking to see if that is an issue related to how the truck detects the brakes or something or if I have a true wiring issue. I just don't want to rewire the trailer brakes for no reason. The brakes function fine, it's just the error messages I get.
  2. Hi, I have a 2019 Sierra 1500 SLT and I've been having frustrating problems with pulling a trailer for 2yrs now. When I first bought the truck my drivers side blinker didn't work on my trailer which worked on my old truck and the trailer is only a few years old. I was finally able to convince the dealer it was the truck and they replaced the trailering module and that fixed the problem. I still have an issue though. I get random check trailer wiring messages. Sometimes it's every 10 seconds, sometimes it's every 30min. I have it narrowed down I believe to the brakes because it seems to happen more often when I apply the brakes and when I let off I get the error. I also will get random "trailer brakes detected" messages when driving and sometimes a trailer brake gain not recalled message. To troubleshoot it I disconnected the trailer brake wire inside of the 7 pin connector and the errors completely go away so that is why I think it's related to the trailer brakes. I've put on 2 brand new 7 pin connectors with no changes. All the wiring connections on the trailer look good and I have good ground on the trailer. So I guess my question is, is this a normal thing that I just have to deal with? It literally drives me insane when on long trips. I don't want to completely redo the brake wiring if it's a common problem. If that will do the trick i'm fine doing it, just don't want to spend that time to do it if it will keep doing the same thing. My trailer lights also blink every 10secs which i've read on here is normal so I don't know if this is normal too. The trailer is a NEO all aluminum 7x14 enclosed trailer with LED lighting.
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