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  1. Thanks. I texted back and forth with an application engineer at TE and she confirmed that the releasing the red tab should do the trick. It was stubborm, but came off. She shared an app note on the connector which may be useful to others. Lessons learned. Dropping the spare was useful to get better access. It does take some force to disconnect once the locking tab is released. The GM UI Bullentin suggests 14AWG wire which IMO is way overkill and 18 or 20 AWG is adequate and simplifes the job. There is a secondary lock that you need to release to insert the additional pin in position #1. Details in the attached app note. The pin was readily available at Mouser for ~ $1 but you get dinged more for shipping. Once completed, works well. mcp connector.pdf
  2. Hi. I picked up a used Leer for my 2015 Silverado and had a question. In the UI Bulletin#113, pin 1 on X6 on the rear lighting junction box looks like a good pickup point for CHMSL. Ordered a pin and wanted to add a lead to the connector to tie in with the Leer brake light. Where I struggle is getting the connector to release from the junction box. There is a red lock which is I pulled out, but the connector is being stubborn. I don't know if there is a trick for removing these connectors beyond releasing the lock pin and was hoping someone who has been down this road and tell me the trick or to pull harder. Thanks!!!
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